Besides being famous for its beautiful natural panorama, Papua is also famous for having a culture that has not been eaten by globalization. From the myriad of cultures and traditions that are owned by the province which has the largest area in this motherland, there are many types of folk dances. Such as the social dance which they dubbed as Yospan. Yospan itself is an extension of the word Yosim Pancar. Alias ​​harmonization of two Papuan folk dances, Yosim and Pancar.

The Yosim dance is an old dance similar to the Poloneis of the Western dance originating from the Sarmi area, a district on the north coast of Papua. There are also sources that say that Yosim came from the Saireri bay area (Serui, Waropen).

The Yosim Pancar dance began to develop when jet-engined planes began landing their wheels in Biak around the 1960s when there was a conflict between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Government of Indonesia. At that time, many Russian-made MiG fighter planes driven by Indonesian pilots flew over the Biak sky above Frans Kaisiepo Airport while performing aerobatic movements. Well, these movements are imitated by the Yopan dancers.

Yosim Pancar dance has two teams in its performance, the Musician Team and the Dancer Team. Teams of musicians play musical instruments to accompany the dancers, the instruments they play are Guitar, Ukulele, Tifa, and Acoustic Bass. Ukulele, tifa and Stem Bass are usually homemade. Someone who is proficient in playing Stem Bass can sometimes play with the soles of the feet, which are usually played by fingers and palms.

Yospan dancers are more than one person with basic movements that are passionate, dynamic and interesting. Examples of famous movements are Gale-gale, Jef, Pacul Tiga, Seka and others. Then another thing in this dance that you need to know is the uniqueness of the clothes and accessories. The colors and types of clothing used by each Yospan dance group are different, but the characteristics for accessories in all Papuan dances are almost the same.

Source: most indonesia