This story is probably the shortest story in this blog. But even though it’s short, the level of humor is not to be underestimated. When tested on several paid readers, they all laughed.
Because it’s been proven to be cute, I became confident and didn’t hesitate to post it here. Please read, it’s not funny money back. ^^

Zuck called Linn, came in but he didn’t pick up. He tried again, but again he didn’t pick up. Zuck was so confused.
Finally Zuck texted:
‘Honey, where are you?’
No reply. Zuck SMS again:

‘Dear. Why not reply?’

No reply either. Zuck 3rd SMS:

‘Baby… Are you mad at me?’

Still no reply. Zuck texted 4:

‘Honey… If I say something wrong, please. Don’t let this go. Called not picked up SMS also not answered. Even though I just wanted to let you know, you left your cellphone at my house, it’s been ringing ever since. I’m afraid you’re okay….