Wolf Duo – The Indonesian music scene is again shocked by the presence of Duo Serigala. This has become a conversation among netizens about their fantastic sway.

Shaking Drible Wolf Duo Makes Netizens Shocking

The Wolf duo have a powerful wobble that they call a dribbling shake where they dance while moving their chests. They bounced the chest like someone was dribbling the ball.

Chest size that exceeds normal becomes their advantage to compete with other swordsmen. In addition, the appearance of Safitri Pamela and Ovi Sofianti is also very sexy with tight or minimal clothes that are always harmonious and the same.

The performance videos they made themselves have invaded Youtube. It didn’t take long for their names to become a conversation among netizens. Now, Duo Serigala has released its debut single entitled ‘Abang Goda’.

Curious what the phenomenal rocking dribble looks like? Watch the following video.