Know what Islam is

What is Islam?

The word Islam comes from the Arabic language, namely Al Islamu which means surrender (your purse), safety (greetings), peace (silmun), and stairs (sullamun).

According to the term, Islam is a religion revelation or heavenly religion, namely religion that comes from Allah SWT revealed to humans chosen by Him (Rasul). Then the revelations were turned into scriptures. The holy book is used as a guide for human life so that they are happy in this world and the hereafter.

Islam was revealed by Allah SWT to His last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad SAW, is the last heavenly religion. As the last religion, Islam is a religion that is already perfect, in accordance with the times, eternal until the Day of Judgment. Islam is the only religion that is lawful and acceptable to Allah SWT. Therefore, Islam must be used as a guide for human life throughout the ages.

Allah SWT says which means:

“Indeed the religion (which is pleased) with Allah is only Islam.” (Surat Ali Imran: 19)

and Allah says:

“Whoever Allah wills will be given guidance to him, surely He will expand his chest for (embracing the religion of) Islam.” (Surat al-An’am: 125)

May Allah always bless us…

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