The models walk, jog, dance, jump, dance, waltz, and move all parts of their bodies freely, to the beat of the song. There are no catwalk rules and poses a la mannequin, everything seems free to express.

This is a sequence that we will find every time Obin holds his fashion show. And this is also what he always consistently displays; traditional cloth used as daily clothing, in all daily activities of an Indonesian woman.

Obin is the Cloth. He doesn’t want to call himself a designer, crafter, or fashion expert. Obin started from his love for Indonesian fabrics, which for him is his identity and identity as an Indonesian. Likewise with the collection of clothing and processed fabrics, which never follow any trend, and do not know the seasons like designer collections in general. He continues to be creative with fabrics with the hope that all of us, Indonesians, are proud to wear Indonesian fabrics as part of our daily fashion style.

Every show and exposition always shows this. That a piece of cloth, regardless of its processing technique and pattern – batik, weaving, ikat, embroidery, embroidery, tie dye – has a very high usability. Our assumptions, especially young people who think that cloth is only to be worn on certain occasions, and certain appearances, are actually only our reluctance to get to know our culture more closely.

Obin always proves that a piece of cloth can be made into anything, used in any way. Wearing cloth will not limit our movement and activities. Wearing cloth does not mean changing our personal character. We can still look sporty, dynamic, tomboyish, indifferent, feminine, or elegant with cloth. Obin shows the mix and match, which we often never think of before.

Wearing fabrics with original Indonesian patterns, techniques and craftsmanship also means respecting our cultural values. This is what Obin always emphasizes, that we Indonesians have our own identity. Every region in Indonesia has traditional fabrics which are cultural heritages from generation to generation, which contain local wisdom, ways of thinking, know-how, ways of life, and priceless values.

This cultural wisdom cannot be passed on to the next generation if it is not a part of our daily lives. Mien Uno’s mother, for example, internalized her love for the kebaya because in her childhood, she often saw her mother wearing a kebaya. The figure of a woman who is beautiful, elegant, and has a strong character has inspired her to this day.

Likewise, the children and generations below us will be inspired by what is seen everyday. Wearing cloth as part of clothing will pass on the ‘identity’ of this nation. Like the expression Obin chose in this demonstration; “I am Indonesian, because in my body flow all the flavors and nuances of Indonesia.”

Because of this mission, Bank Permata fully supports this demonstration and presents it to Indonesian fashion lovers at the 2015 Jakarta Fashion Week. Bank Permata as ‘Bank for You and Your Family’ sees the importance of the values ​​and philosophical meaning attached to a dress, and how it is introduced in the family. Fashion & family are two things that cannot be separated.

Watching the Obin show always gives birth to a sense of pride in Indonesian fabrics, and again strengthens my desire to wear cloth in daily activities. This is our identity, because we are Indonesia.

Source: female daily