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Fort Van Der Wijck is located on Jl. Sapta Marga, Sedayu Village, Gombong District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java. This fort is located in the city of Gombong or about 21 Km from the city of Kebumen with road access to tourist sites already paved and supported by public transportation facilities from Kebumen-Gombong.

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The Dutch heritage fort is estimated to have been built in year 1818 on the initiative of General Van den Bosch. It is an octagonal shape made of bricks and has 2 floors. There are only two octagonal forts in the world, one is in Australia.

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The fort is 10 meters high, 1.4 meters thick, and covers an area of ​​7,168 square meters. The fort was built on two floors. The first floor has four gates. Inside there are 16 large rooms and 27 small rooms. There are also 72 windows and eight stairs leading to the second floor, which has 16 large rooms and 25 large rooms.

Van Der Wijck was built during the Diponegoro war by means of forced labor, related to the politics of the Stelsel fort, which was used by the Dutch to narrow the movement of Prince Diponegoro’s troops.

Apart from being a Dutch defense headquarters, the fort was used by the Dutch for military education. Former President Suharto, when he entered the KNIL or het Koninklijke Nederlands Indische Leger, was also trained there. When the Japanese entered, this fort was to train PETA. After the Dutch left Indonesia, in 1948 until now the Indonesian Army has used this fort as a Tamtama school (Secata).

On the first floor there is a special room containing photos of ancient forts, before being restored, and after being restored, photos of generals, rooms arranged and photos of artists who have shot films such as Slank, Farah Quinn to the film The Raid 2 Berandal.

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