Understanding Hardware (Hardware)

According to Rainer (2011:65) more specifically states that, “Hardware is devices such as processors, monitors, keyboards, and printers. Together with this device, it functions as a recipient of data and information, processes, processes and displays it into useful information or data for those who need it. Hardware is used as a communication medium. Hardware is a network connector. Hardware aims to transmit data more effectively.”

According to O’Brien (2011: 163) more specifically states that, “Hardware (Hardware) includes all physical equipment used in information processing. Components and resources required to convey information and which are used to process information to the organization. Hardware is related to hardware equipment with communication media that connects several networks and processes data packets so that data transmission is more effective. Hardware includes microcomputers, medium-sized servers and large mainframe systems, as well as input, output, and other supporting storage media. Hardware consists of input, output, storage, CPU, RAM.

Understanding Hardware (Hardware) according to Rainer (2011: 65), and O’Brien (2011: 163) it can be concluded that Hardware (Hardware) is a physical device used for processing information, receiving information, as a data transmission process that more effective. Hardware serves to manage information so that it is useful for those who use it, especially for organizations. Hardware consists of several devices such as processors, monitors, keyboards, and printers. Hardware can be used as a storage medium. Hardware can connect multiple devices using a network so that it works more effectively and efficiently.

Understanding Software (Software)

According to Rainer (2011: 40) more specifically states that, “Software is a program, or a collection of programs that allow hardware to process data. Software is a set of instructions that is executed by the hardware to perform certain tasks. Software is operated with Hardware. There are two main types of software, namely application software and system software. Software applications that allow to solve problems that allow hardware to work. System software is dealing with the specifics of managing technology and managing the interactions of all technology tools.”

According to O’Brien (2011: 164) more specifically states that, “Software is a general term for various types of programs used to operate and manipulate computers and devices used. The general concept of software is a series of information processing commands. One common way of describing hardware and software is to say that software can be thought of as the variable part of a computer and the hardware part is arbitrary. Computer programs and procedures are concerned with the operation of information systems. Contrast with hardware.”

Understanding Software (Software) according to Rainer (2011: 40), and O’Brien (2011: 164) it can be concluded that Software is a program that is used to operate and manipulate computers and the devices used. Software is a program used to process data or information so that it is more useful for people who need information. Software runs according to orders in the process of developing information. The type of software is divided into 2, namely Application Software and System Software. Software is operated with hardware equipment.