Types and Definitions of Socialization Socialization is a process of interaction that is experienced and carried out by a person consciously. Socialization can teach individuals how to be part of society. For more details, here are some definitions of socialization according to experts.

Paul B. Horton: Socialization is a process that a person does in living and understanding the norms that exist in society.

· Soerjono soekanto: socialization is a process of introducing culture to new members of society.

Koentjaraningrat: socialization is a process carried out by someone in learning something from childhood to adulthood

Peter Barger: Socialization is a learning process to be a good member of society.

· Prof. Dr. Nasution: is a process that can encourage someone to enter the social world and become a part of it.

· Giddens: socialization is the process of developing a person that begins when he is just born through the stages that can make him a good person.

Charlotte Buchler: socialization is a process that teaches individuals about the habits of a group so that they can become part of the group and can participate and play a role in the group.

Peter Burger: socialization is a process that is experienced or carried out by someone intentionally in order to become a member of society

· Robert MZ Lawang: Socialization is a process in learning the values, norms and habits of the society in which he lives.

From several definitions put forward by several experts above, it can be concluded that socialization is a complex process that occurs in a person’s life to learn the knowledge he needs to live life. Read: Understanding Socialization According to Experts

Socialization has many functions for people’s lives, including: socialization is the provision needed by a person to survive, with socialization a person can communicate with others and establish relationships with others. Socialization can make a person to be introspective, with socialization a person can get used to a value or habit that is embraced by a community group.

A person is required to be able to take actions that are in accordance with what is desired and considered ideal by other people and the surrounding community. For example, a person will be well received by the community if he can involve himself with the public interest in his environment, for example participating in community service and mutual cooperation activities that are held every week, participating in routine fees held by the head of the RT with the agreement of the residents, when we are not following these rules, we will be ostracized and become the subject of gossip. Each socialization has a different form. This difference cannot be separated from the type of socialization itself, the types of socialization include:

1. Formal type of socialization

The type of formal socialization involves formal institutions or agencies that have the authority to disseminate information to the wider community. In the type of formal socialization, there are clear rules that can be done and what cannot be done by someone in social life.

2. Type of informal socialization

This type of informal socialization is dynamic, there are no binding rules for this socialization, the process can be familial and not rigid. Read: Forms of Socialization