Pletokan (

Pletokan is the name of a toy gun made of bamboo, and the bullets are made of moistened paper, or guava or flower seeds. This game is a typical game of the Betawi people. In Sundanese people, they call pletokan with bebeletokan, while in Probolinggo and Madura, they call it tor cetoran. This game is usually played by boys aged 6-13 years. Those who play this game, it is as if they are people who are in battle, and sometimes, they play this game to imitate movie scenes. With bullets made of harmless objects, making this game very safe and even free, because it is made of bamboo.

Pletokan of the present (


Old and strong bamboo, 30-40 cm long with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm
Wetted paper, or guava seeds, or flowers, or small grains

How to make

First, prepare a strong and old bamboo so it doesn’t break quickly. Then, bamboo is divided into two, namely: poke and barrel. In making a poke, you have to split the bamboo so that it forms a long stick, next you have to sharpen the bamboo until it is round according to the barrel circle and make a handle at the base of about 10 cm. Make sure this poke can fit into the barrel. For the top of the poke is made wide, the point is to press or beat the ammunition / bullets so that they can enter perfectly. This is intended, to make pletokan easier to play. And, you can add pandan leaves or coconut leaves that are wrapped in a cone shape, with the aim of making the sound louder. And, in making the barrel, prepare a small bamboo, 1 cm in diameter with a length of 15-20 cm. It’s better to make the barrel using old bamboo so it doesn’t break easily.

Second, prepare wetted paper, or small fruits, or guava seeds, or flowers as bullets.

Third, the game is ready to be played.

How to use (

How to shoot

Once the weapons have been created and the team has been formed, then the game is ready to begin.[ Tetapi, kita harus mengetahui bagaimana cara menembak dengan pletokan. Peluru dimasukan dengan batang penolak (penyodok) sampai ke ujung laras. Peluru kedua dimasukkan dan ditolak dengan batang penolak (penyodok). Peluru kedua ini mempunyai fungsi ganda. Fungsi pertama sebagai klep pompa untuk menekan peluru pertama yang akan ditembakkan. Fungsi kedua menjadi peluru yang disiapkan untuk ditembakkan berikutnya. Tembakan ini akan menimbulkan bunyi “pletok” dan peluru terlontar ± 5 meter dan relatif lurus.

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