Kitiran Bamboo (

Kitiran Bamboo is a game of kitiran or in Indonesian it can be said to be a propeller or windmill made of bamboo and paper as the propellers.

Rotating Bamboo can produce a unique sound from each spin. This bamboo kitiran is a typical Japanese game that is very rarely found in game shops due to the passage of time which causes this game to lose to modern games.

Kitiran was born around the 1970s in the village of Karanganyar, Welahan, Jepara, Central Java and until now there are still families who make bamboo kitiran to support their families.

The ingredients for making a bee pin are as follows:

a. Shredded bamboo with a width of about 1 cm
b. Shredded bamboo until flexible (like a kite frame)
c. Bamboo is shaved round (straw diameter) with a length of approximately 15 cm
d. Shredded bamboo in short rounds like matchsticks
e. Inner support carton for cigarette packs
f. Thread
g. Rubber bracelet
h. Two pieces of a bent can
i. Sufficient pieces of straw

In addition to the above materials, also prepare equipment such as scissors, cutter, paper glue, wood glue, and markers. Before making it, we must prepare the ingredients first, as follows:

(1). Take a large shaved bamboo (bamboo a) and then break it (not broken) as shown below after being bent, then make holes opposite each other as in the picture above.

(2). Bamboo c in cross-section. One end is cut in half to two-thirds of the bamboo, and the other end is cut in half. Insert the bent can pieces of bamboo that are halved. limit with cut straws. until it becomes a pinwheel like the picture above.

(3). Take flexible bamboo b, shape like a wave and hold it with thread. glue the skeleton on the hvs paper and cut out the rest (like making a kite).

Make two times so that you get a propeller like the one below.

In the same way create a head and tail pattern as shown below. Then draw the bee’s eyes, mouth, and belly line pattern.

(4). Now take the cardboard e make a pattern like the picture and cut out from the cardboard pattern cutouts, make a small drum like the picture above.

How to make

  1. Prepare the main bamboo (1)
  2. Small drum glue (4) as picture
  3. Insert the wheel (2) on the main bamboo (1).
  4. Place the rubber and bamboo material d, on the main bamboo (1). Roll up so that it is stuck on the drum.
  5. Enter the four-sided pinwheel. note the location according to the picture. limit with a piece of straw. then tuck the bee’s head.
  6. Add a tail on the other side. to become a beeswax.

    Source: your wonkle