The Most Popular Blog Templates of 2014 – The Most Popular Blogger Templates of 2014.

Top 5 Most Popular Blog Templates 2014

WHICH what is meant by “most popular” in the title “Top 5 Most Popular Blog Templates 2014” is a seo friendly, mobile friendly, responsive, fast loading, simple, and user friendly blog template that is most widely used by Indonesian bloggers.

Of course, this is the result of CB’s “observation” so far, especially based on the number of downloads of the templates that CB shares on this blog.

Are you a user of one of the Top 5 Most Popular Blog Templates in 2014? If so, thank you….! If not, quickly change the template!

Top 5 Most Popular Blog Templates 2014 version of CB Bloggerz:

  1. Johnny Wuss –includes its variations: Johny Wuss Responsive, New Johny Wuss, and New Johny Wuss V2, and something similar: Google SEO Blogger Template.
  2. SEO thesis –including its variants: New SEO Thesis and Responsive SEO Thesis.
  3. Fastest Magz. This is a premium template, but there are many who share this template for free!
  4. Super SEO –including the Responsive version of Super SEO.
  5. No. These 5 are intentionally left blank for you to fill in the comments column.
All the most popular blog templates throughout 2014 (the most popular blogger templates of 2014) it’s on this blog. Just click: SEO Templates. Please “bubek” yes 🙂
The following is the “appearance” of the most popular templates, aka the most used by Indonesian bloggers:

new johny wuss template

johny wuss template

google seo templates
new johny wuss v2 template

johny wuss responsive

fastst magz template

super seo blogger template

new thesis seo blogger template

Well, this New Thesis Seo is here…. strange and unfortunately, it is widely used by bloggers who are “just like that”. Wow… is it a sin or not…??? I hope not. The matter of misuse of templates is the business of the respective bloggers.

How did CB know? Yes you know….!!! The problem is that there is a CB code that has not been changed by them, so there is a “report” that comes in via email about the code.

Those are the Top 5 Most Popular Blog Templates 2014 version of CB and will continue….. in 2015. You see, the trend of templates and website design in 2014 about fast loading, mobile friendly, and SIMPLE will continue and be excellent.

Google’s algorithm, in addition to prioritizing quality content, also recommends fast loads and user friendly templates, as implemented in Pro Google Themes.*