Ine took advantage of the break time to make phone calls with Re, the man she had been close to for several months. It was really fun to chat with Re, the person was really chatty, it made the brain that was overheated from two hours of studying accounting formulas turn cold again.

“Don’t forget, Ne, it’s Sunday?” said Re on the other end, as their conversation was almost over.

“Yes, yes,” replied Ine happily. Next Sunday, Re invites Ine to his house to help prepare for the feast. Ine feels flattered, even though Re is not her boyfriend yet, but Ine has fallen in love one-sidedly.

Just with his help later, the relationship can be closer, as well as getting to know Re’s mother.

Just as the calls ended, suddenly Visi and Maya, who was Ine’s best friend, appeared with faces like hungry tigers.

“Our gang got harassed, Ne,” Vision reported.

“You mean harassment?” asked Ine.

“You know that Indri is the head of the dance club, right? He said we were tomboyish girls as girls with manners, as lecherous as playboys!” Fiery Vision story.

“Did he really say that?” Ine was immediately affected. He was offended!

“That’s right! In fact, they say that tomboyish girls like us need to be eliminated. Isn’t that rude?” Maya’s turn to provoke.

“Obviously insolent! So let’s beat it up!”

Ine immediately rolled up her sleeves and tightened her shoelaces, then moved to confront Indri who was practicing the Jaipong dance at the multipurpose building.

“Woey! What do you mean by saying that tomboyish girls are the same as playboys?!” Ine to the point spray!

Indra was surprised. The concentration of dance practice was immediately disturbed. The dancers regularly stepped aside to see the bad behavior in that place.

“Please come out. Don’t disturb our activities,” Indri answered sarcastically.

“Don’t dream that I will leave before our business is done. I want to know how great a human being is who dares to be presumptuous to say that I am a girl without manners!” Ine snapped right in front of Indri. His hot and hot breath almost made Indri’s face scald.

“Is it proven? You came here without permission, then shouted like hungry thugs, is that manners?

“I know!! This is a multipurpose building. It can be used for dance practice, for seminars, festivals and it’s also very fitting to be used as a killing ground for a pretentious girl like you! Come on, fight me!” challenged Ine pushing Indri’s body until it staggered a little.

“It turns out you’re just a big mouth!” Maya’s turn to shout.

“Right now you have to apologize, that’s if you still want to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning!” threaten Vision ruarrr ordinary scary.

“If I don’t want you what do you want?” replied Indri.

“Well, no need for much diplomacy. Let’s just beat him up!” Ine commanded while mounting the stances ready to attack. Visi and Maya also took the formation of pairs of horses and their stables.

And feeling that he is in an unbalanced position, Indri is ready to issue the ultimate move as well as his flagship move, namely the MustiKa spell, Musti Escape! Ciattt! Indri shouted as if he wanted to attack, even though he ran as fast as he could like a marathon athlete being chased by zombies.

The trio of hungry tigers were fooled, ransacked and rushed after Indri. But the game has disappeared somewhere.

“That’s crazy! That kid is really agile, 100 km/hour huh?” said Visi, his eyes sweeping across the school grounds, but Indri’s figure remained invisible, vanished like a tsunami.

A few minutes later, through the school’s speaker, a call was announced:

“Informed to Ine, Visi and Maya, students of class 2 R Social. As soon as possible to see Mrs. Wely in her room. Important!”

The three of them looked at each other questioningly.
“Why is Mrs. Wely looking for us?” Maya asked. The two of them shook their heads in disbelief.

And once again the call went on the air, urging Ine cs to immediately meet Mrs. Wely.

“I have a bad feeling, could it be that we want to be judged?” Vision said slowly but worriedly.

“What did we do wrong?” Ine tried to calm down, even though her heart was starting to get restless. There must be something wrong, it’s impossible for Mrs. Wely to call for a shopping voucher.

Their hunch didn’t go wrong. Arriving at their destination, the three immediately received a fresh scolding from Mrs. Wely:

“I’m dizzy with your behavior? Instead of participating, you’re interfering with the dance club’s activities. What do you want to be?!”

Apparently Indri reported the terror of the tomboy trio against their curricular activities. And all of Ine’s defense did not get a positive response from Mrs. Wely.

“I don’t want to know. Whatever the reason, you are still wrong. I already know exactly how the three of you, especially Ine did. Realize, you are all women. That woman was created with all her tenderness, with her motherly nature. challenge to fight is very inappropriate!”

Mrs. Wely’s advice in Ine’s ear felt so torturous. For him it was an old school theory. It’s not the time for women to only be able to do well in the well, in the kitchen and on the bed, hare gene women must also be able to fight! Ine almost gave up her argument, but she realized that it would only make Mrs. Wely’s anger graph even higher. In the end, Ine just kept silent and accepted Mrs. Wely’s lecture at length.


“Indri must be responsible for all of this,” said Ine as she left the courtroom. His index finger poked at his ear canal. 15 minutes of hearing wise words from Mrs. Wely really made her ears itch.

“We’ve just been given an all-out lecture, you’re back looking for something because of that?” Maya protested.

“Aren’t you hurt that our ideology as independent girls is being tainted by people? Huh? Anyway, after school, we will intercept Indri, ask her to solve this problem outside of school!”


Visi and Maya couldn’t avoid Ine’s decision. When it was time to go home, they also bumped into Indri in front of the school gate.

“What else do you want?” Indri was a little pale, when the three tomboyish creatures stopped their motorbike. Just like traffic violators who were stopped by the police on the streets.

“Don’t pretend to be careless, you think. Do you think that by reporting to Mrs. Wely, the problem will be solved? You don’t know how much I see your face!” exclaimed Ine.

Indri was excited to see Ine’s face, which was no different from a tiger seeing a deer’s neck. Oppose? Obviously a ridiculous choice. Blurry? Impossible. I am sorry? Mualless!

“Why are you silent?! Apologize and withdraw your words? Or do I and my friends have to use violence?!”

Indri is getting thinner, but trying to rack her brain to find a safe way.

“Look, if we solve the problem femalely right now, this is clearly unfair. I am alone, while the three of you. My stamina has also dropped to practice dance. To be fair, I will wait for you at four o’clock at Garuda field. responsibility, there we make a big war. Duel life and death as you please!” bargained Indri.

Ine thought for a moment. “I stand by your words! Even if you go back on your own offer, you will bear the consequences that you will regret for the rest of your life. Write it down!!!”


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