The Tambal Ban Jogja application created by Harimas Rizqi L (email: [email protected]), is a simple application, but has many benefits for those of you who live in Yogyakarta or as immigrants, whether they are looking for knowledge (college), doing business, etc. or as a tourist/woman, who is having a problem with your vehicle’s flat tire.

This application uses geolocation with Google Maps, so you have to turn on the location of your smartphone’s wireless network or cellular network or satellite GPS. This application can also help speed up and save the time and distance of the rider to the nearest tire patch when a tire leak occurs.

The features presented by this application are:

  • Route guide to the desired tire patch

  • List of tire patches and route guides to tire patches that have certain facilities (Nitrogen and tire change)

  • Tips if something happens

  • Can make emergency calls to important numbers in Yogyakarta

To upload an application, here.

Hope it is useful.