1. Try to avoid the middle bathroom, because generally this place collects more bacteria. Try to choose the first bathroom that is probably still cleaner and not as many microorganisms.

2. Do not put bags or wallets on the bathroom floor, even if the floor looks clean. If there is a hanger put the bag there or hang the bag on the shoulder if there is no place to put it.

3. Before use, wipe the toilet seat first with a tissue.

4. Pull your pants or skirt up to your calves to avoid getting splashed with water, but don’t go too low because you risk touching the bathroom floor.

5. Try to rinse (flush) the toilet when going out of the bathroom, this is to avoid microorganisms from toilet water sticking to the body.

6. Don’t forget to always wash your hands thoroughly using running water and soap, but don’t forget to dry them using paper towels or an electric dryer.