Taking educational tours is one of the concepts of travel that can help stimulate thinking and knowledge for children. Especially for those of us who have children in their infancy with high curiosity.

However, there are still many of us who think that tourism is a trip that requires a lot of money, and tourism is always seen from an exclusive pattern. In fact, we can simplify this according to our economic capacity.

Before determining the location of the educational tourist attractions that we will visit, we should be observant to see the development of our children. And recognize our children from the side of the child’s language, such as from the way they play and the type of food. After that we do it, then at least we can easily invite them to play while traveling to do educational tours with our children.

Below I will share some tips on educational tours with children that are cheap, and anyone can do it with our children.

  • Invite our children to do educational tours in the plantation area or the yard around the house. Where is the location of the house area, we can make it a place for educational tours with children to plant trees or even arrange plants in the yard area with the family. From the introduction of the types of plants, to the planting process, even the care we can do together with the family. In fact, with this simple educational tourism concept, we can build active communication in the midst of the family with other family members.
  • Invite our children to attend a family wedding reception or even the closest relatives who hold a traditional traditional wedding. At the moment of this event, we can show our fruit an introduction to Indonesian cultural arts. Both from traditional traditional clothes, the journey of the wedding ceremony, to the various forms and flavors of Indonesian culinary variants.
  • If there is a little more luck, we can do educational tours with children to several museums or playgrounds that can stimulate children’s curiosity and think to get to know new things. We can choose several tourist attractions that support education in their schools. For the location of educational tourist attractions, you can find them in the area around the city where we live.
  • If you are going on an educational trip with children in a tourist spot that is far from where we live. We should first find out which city location we will visit by determining some educational tourist attractions that we will go to. This we usually do by planning a tour or what is known as the “itinerary”.

The points above are tips that we can choose or run to run the concept of traveling with children at a low cost. And the last point is planning tips for us to travel so that we can be more focused in accordance with the finances that we have prepared for a tourist trip to an area or city that we are going to.

These educational travel tips with children are simple steps, and do not become a standard reference and must be followed by anyone. Hopefully these educational travel tips with children can help provide the best solution for friends or loyal readers of Ejawantah Wisata in finding an educational tourism concept that is easy to implement.

Because, good travel with family is a form of psychological therapy to build harmonious communication in the family, where every concept can be adapted to the economic power we have and does not have to be exclusive.