How to make a good and true child – A marriage is incomplete without the presence of a child. So that many married couples want children after they just got married, but this is not easy, because there are several factors that make the presence of the baby or child delayed. This can be caused by several factors, one of which is destiny and other health problems.

How to make a good and true child
How to make a good and true child

Therefore, if you want to get children immediately, you must also know how to make good and right children, so that the desired results can be achieved, of course there must be cooperation between husband and wife, even in maintaining nutrition and health. respectively. Well, so that when making your child, it’s good to understand the good conditions when you want to make a child like this

Each adult male ejaculate can usually squirt or release sperm 2-5 times in a dose of 2-5 cc. in each cc of sperm contained 60 to 200 million more spermatozoa. So when your husband ejaculates, he will release about 120 to 1 billion sperm. Even in the sperm contains two genes, namely Gen X and gene Y, if the mother wants to have a boy, then Gen X sperm must be able to survive and touch the egg.

However, the weaknesses of Gen X are – Life is not too long, it is estimated that only 1 day – Not acid-resistant, but can survive in alkaline conditions – Specific gravity is heavier – Gen Y or Androsperm agile movement; genes that affect girls. Moves slowly. Lives about 2 to 3 days. Survive acid “atmosphere” and can’t stand alkaline. Geni weight (BJ) is lighter.

If the husband and wife are dominant in the X gene, they are more likely to have daughters. If the husband is dominant in the Y gene, and the wife is X dominant, the son is more likely to be born to the wife. The condition of women when making children (wife) A woman has a fertile cycle or period commonly called ovulation, which is when an egg is released from the ovary in the uterus. Knowing this fertile period can later be used to determine how to make a boy or girl.

The method for calculating the fertile period or ovulation is as follows: – Determine the net start date of menstruation every month, for example every 5th – Determine the net end date (start of menstruation) every month, for example every 27th – So the formula for the fertile period: (( end date)-(start date))/2 = n – Then (n) + (net start date) = fertile period of a woman Calculate as follows: (27-5) / 2 = 11 11 + 5 = 16 So every 16 the day after the clean period is the fertile period or ovulation of a woman., in other words it can be said medically on that day if husband and wife have sex, it is likely to produce a fetus, regardless of whether it is a boy or girl. So every married couple must take care of each other’s health in order to produce maximum fertilization. Until the mother-to-be can conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Avoid fatigue in both physical and spiritual activities, meaning that you have to reduce strenuous activities until you are not tired and calm your mind from things that are not important so that you relax.

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