Thousand Islands Cluster (

The Thousand Islands are included in the Special Capital Region Province (DKI) Jakarta, which is located north of the city of Jakarta, an archipelago consisting of 110 islands, both inhabited and uninhabited islands.

The number of islands whose territorial waters are in the Thousand Islands National Park (TNKpS) area is 76, of which 20 have been developed as tourist islands, 6 are inhabited by residents and the rest are controlled by individuals or business entities.

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The wealth of marine life of this national park consists of 54 species of hard/soft coral, 144 species of fish, 2 species of clams, 3 groups of algae such as Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Phaeophyta, 6 species of seaweed such as Halodule sp., Halophila sp., and Enhalus sp. ., as well as 17 species of shorebirds.

The Thousand Islands National Park is a nesting site for hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtles (Chelonia mydas). Hawksbill and green turtles, which are rare animals and rarely found in other waters, especially the northern coast of Java Island, are bred on Semak Daun Island.

Baby Turtle (Hatchling) –

The captivity is intended to restore the turtle population which is almost extinct. Captive activities include hatching semi-natural eggs and caring for the young turtles until they are ready to be released into the wild.

Friends of the Indonesian Tourism GPS, rearranged, the islands that are widely used for diving and snorkeling in the Thousand Islands.

Kotok Island

Kotok Island (

Kotok Island is included in the northernmost island group from Jakarta. Kotok Island is a resort so it cannot be visited in general as other islands are used as residential areas. Apart from having a resort, on the same island there is a Bondol Eagle sanctuary which is the mascot of DKI Jakarta.

Kotok Island can be reached by speed boat, only 90 minutes from Marina Ancol. With a natural feel that is so charming, Alam Kotok Island is still overgrown with forest vegetation, so this island looks very natural but still well organized and neat. So it is not surprising that this island is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who want to travel to enjoy the authenticity of the marine nature of Pulau Seribu.

What is unique, here you can stay in a tree house cottage. The cottage is on top of a big tree. From the cottage, you can see the vast expanse of the sea, it feels like you have a private sea and island, right? To maintain the beauty and preservation of the underwater world, on Kotok Island there are no water sports facilities such as jet skis, banana boats, and canoeing. There are only snorkeling and diving equipment rentals, as well as boat rentals for diving.

Congkak Coral Island

Congkak Coral Island (

Coral Congkak Island is also an uninhabited island. However, this island is very pleasant to be used as a place to do various activities by tourists.

The beautiful island and blue sea will really spoil your eyes. Since there is no electricity available on the island, camping on the island will make your night out.

During the day, you can freely play with white sand, swim or snorkel in the clear sea which is inhabited by various marine habitats. There are ornamental fish, colorful coral reefs here. For lovers of diving in the thousand islands, this arrogant Coral Island is heaven for you.

Besides swimming, you can also test your hobbies and fishing skills here. Many types of marine fish that exist under the sea Coral Congkak Island. Or if you don’t want to bother, just buy grouper and various types of shells from Pramuka Island, then they are ready to be burned and eaten on Coral Congkak Island.

Water Island

Island of Water (

On Pulau Air, you can snorkel in the calm waters because it is flanked by the same two islands. This water island belongs to a rich businessman in Jakarta. However you can visit the side which is open to the public.

Among other islands, Pulau Air is much more well-maintained and equipped with good infrastructure. Permanent buildings have been built on this island.

If you like to do snorkeling and diving activities, then this place is perfect for you to visit. Because it is located around a private island, the underwater world in these waters is still well preserved.

Sepa Island

Pulau Sepa Resort (

One of the beaches with the best sand in the Thousand Islands is on Sepa Island. Plus the beach is not covered by rocks.

With the beauty of white sand, as well as a natural tropical feel, you should not miss a visit to Sepa Island. In addition to the tropical nature, the beauty of the seabed is also the main pleasure when you visit here.

Like on other islands, diving and snorkeling activities are things you must do to enjoy the natural underwater world of Sepa Island. In addition to ornamental fish and colorful coral reefs, the calm water will make you comfortable when doing diving and snorkeling activities.

For those who like fishing, you can also channel your hobbies. However, you are prohibited from over-hunting fish for the sake of preserving the underwater world of Sepa Island.

Leaf Bush Island

Leaf Bush Island (

Semak Daun Island is a favorite place for travelers who want to camp in the Thousand Islands. The water is clear blue, in harmony with the white sand.

This uninhabited island is better known to the ear as the island of Smack Down. If you visit and want to stay on this island, try the sensation of sleeping under the broad sky. Don’t forget to bring raw supplies such as squid and fish to be grilled and eaten at night.

The underwater scenery on Semak Daun Island is filled with soft corals that swing to and fro by the currents of the water. If the weather is clear, you can see clown fish while snorkeling.

Papa Theo . Island

Papa Theo . Island

Maybe not many people have heard of Papa Theo’s name. It is an island in the Thousand Islands. Papa Theo has another name Petondan Kecil.

This island can be reached from Muara Angke Harbor. The time it takes is about 2-3,5 hours. But usually this travel time is for a trip using a wooden boat.

Papa Theo isn’t as famous as Tidung and Harapan Island, but you can argue about beauty. Papa Theo has clear sea water. The white sand is still clean and smooth.

Here the corals and corals are relatively healthier because this point is rarely visited by divers.

Peniki Island

Peniki Island (

It is 81 kilometers from Ancol Beach. To reach it by boat from Tanjung Priok Port, it takes three hours. It has amazing views, surrounded by white sandy beaches with palm trees and tropical lagoons. On this island there is a lighthouse made by an expert from Indonesia in 1981. The lighthouse is constructed of iron with a height of 60 meters.