A man in Pakistan named Malik Amir Muhammad Khan Afridi has a very strange mustache with an unusual shape, even because of this mustache this man’s life is almost lost. Because of the mustache owned by Malik Amir Muhammad Khan Afridi, he was kidnapped about three years ago. Those who carried out the abductions were people in the Islamic extremist group who disliked it very much.

He was asked to choose whether to cut a strangely shaped mustache or to kill it. Malik finally chose to cut a mustache that was 76.2 centimeters long and shaped to widen upwards. “Mustaches are part of my lifestyle. I also don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol. I’d rather fast but don’t ask me to shave my mustache. This is my identity,” he said. Malik’s mustache is indeed very strange, this is what makes many people pay attention to it.

The Laskar Islam group controls the Kyber district, close to the Afghan border. This group made a rule that men’s beards and mustaches must be shaved off, this is the reason why Malik was kidnapped and forced to cut his mustache. Because he really loves the shape of his strange mustache, Malik plans to move from Pakistan so that his life is not threatened again. “I want to move to Dubai, or the United States, Canada, and England. I want to try to ask the British government for help to be allowed there,” said Afridi. The reason for moving is so that he is free to lengthen and care for his mustache.