Recipes – soap opera actor and film star Aaron Ashab is being abused in cyberspace. That’s because the photo uploaded by the actor Aji in the film My Idiot Brother is to Instagram.

Aaron Ashab is abused

The photo was uploaded by Aaron two days ago. Aron takes a selfie after escaping zebra surgery. In fact, he was not wearing a helmet.

Aaron said he got a ticket but was able to reconcile because the police officers recognized him as an artist.

“I got fined for Zebra/candle surgery. Everything can be peaceful because they (police) know me. ‘You’re Aron Ashab’ then I said, ‘Well, you know. How do I want to wear a helmet, sir, my crest is damaged. I can’t be Aron Ashab anymore later” at last peace. Without giving money,” wrote Aaron.

Immediately, the photo invites netizen reactions. They immediately criticized and criticized the actions of the famous artist through the videos on Youtube.

“You’ve violated the rules, you’ve been released, this is even insulting. Where is your heart and brain, boy? You’re so famous sometimes,” said one netizen.

“This is an artist?! Haha?! Just kidding, ah…. What artist?! His face is soooo big,” said another.

Furious with the criticism that made his ears hot, Aaron immediately changed the photo caption.

However, that did not stop the criticism against him. He is called a stupid artist. Finally, he returned to replace the photo caption with the short text, “celfie”.

It also became an easy target for haters to attack him. “It’s very unstable to be a person, how many times have you changed the caption? You’re very famous,” said a netizen. “star syndrome… pity it’s still a geeky artist who is pretentious…,” said another. (ren)