Again a comedy series Zuck and Linn will be here to meet the needs of readers for fresh entertainment. In the midst of life’s increasingly fierce competition, sometimes a funny story is needed to lighten the mind. Happy reading.

Love Bridge.

An ordinary Sunday morning, not cloudy, not sunny, not raining, no rainbow. Zuck and Linn go to the forest where they got lost first.

This time they didn’t want to get lost again, but wanted to hunt. Zuck walked in front carrying an air rifle, his steps convincingly like a guerrilla going to war. While behind him, Linn looked a little exhausted. It’s my own fault, entering the forest wearing stilettos.

“Wait… I’m on the way ahead, let’s get there quickly,” said Linn.

Zuck lowered his pace. Waiting for Lin. “It doesn’t matter, honey!”

“Just wait!”

“Every time I go to this forest, I always think of you, honey,” said Zuck later.

“What do you mean, sir?” Lin doesn’t know.

“Ahihi…” Zuck grinned nard bear. “Equally dense, hehe….

“What the hell” Linn still didn’t understand.

“This forest has a lot of trees…” Zuck changed the subject.

Linn glanced around. “Yes, Mas, there are many trees. Not cool. Let’s find another forest, Mas, the one with the mall is like that…”

Zuck was silent again, speeding up his pace. Lazy to respond to people’s talk of stress. The hunting ground is still far away. They walked along a path that was starting to get bushy. Because the road is rarely passed by people.

“What are we hunting for later, Mas?”

“Anything, honey. Deer, mouse deer, antelope, Russian lizard, snakehead fish, ants. All shot…

Linn nodded, then asked again. “What about pigs?”

“Mmm… If that’s not the case then.”

“Loh, why aren’t pigs shot, Mas? Cieee… Afraid of being rejected, huh?”

Zuck turned to Linn. Smile. “Impossible, dear. Time to shoot your brother. Poor …”

“Hehehe, I forgot. He’s my brother-in-law..”

“Hey!” Zuck groaned. “It’s really hard to talk to rubber bands. I don’t want to give up! What’s wrong with guys?”

“On the other hand, Mas, it’s the boy who should be the one to lose!”

“Little girl!”

“Fucking boy!”


“Yeah boy..”

“Girl! Just girl! Period!”

“Anyway boy! Dick!”

“Girl! Yes, just a girl, to be fair ..”

Lin laughed. “Well, it’s okay for a girl to do something wrong…”

“Hehehe. It’s a boy, a boy. It’s natural, boys have to give in..”

“No, Mas, the real girl has to give up.”

“Guys please..”

“Girl huh!”




They continued to argue useless without anyone willing to give in, until suddenly their journey came to a small river. To cross the river, they had to go through a wooden bridge that looked rotten.


“That’s it, honey. That’s it. Next year, the debate will continue,” Zuck muttered.

Linn silently complied.

Wooden Bridge

“Now, what we need to think about is crossing this river. The hunting location is on the other side of the river. Erm… It’s a shame to cross first, right?”

Linn’s eyes widened slightly. “Why me, sir?”

“Well… Boys have to give in. Isn’t that right, honey?”

“That’s right,” Linn scratched her head.

“If I cross first, and you are left here alone, then what if suddenly a tiger comes from behind you? It’s a pity for the tiger, you get skinny meat…”

“But the bridge, Mas, the bridge. Look at it, it’s already rotten in a thousand places! Later, when you’re enjoying yourself, the road suddenly collapses, then I fall…”

“Yes, at most falling down, right, dear? Besides, you already have the experience of falling from heaven. Let’s quickly cross, there’s no need for much reason…”

“Shall we cross together, Mas?” Linn suggested.

“It’s only passed by one person, it’s not necessarily strong, dear. What about two?”

“Oops, Mas. Don’t judge something just from the outside. What looks fragile, isn’t necessarily fragile, it could be that it’s strong. Likewise this bridge…”

Zuck looked at Linn in amazement. “Stop saying…”

“We’ll cross together, I can’t be far from you, Mas. If you’re safe, both of you are safe. If you fall, you’ll fall together.”

“But I’m still not sure about this bridge anyway, Beb?” said Zuck, while observing the condition of the bridge carefully and for a long time.

“That’s why we try first. If we’re just talking like this, when will we get to the other side? Everything has to be tried first, so…

“Why do you say that?! I don’t like it!” cut off Zuck. “You’ve changed. Now you’re wiser. Don’t watch Mario Teguh too much…” continued Zuck, who preferred Linn to appear as error-prone as usual.

“Okay, let’s cross it together,” Zuck finally agreed.

After praying for a long time and shaking hands forgiving each other, they were ready to cross. Don’t forget that before crossing, they look to the right and left, afraid that a car will pass by.

And holding hands tightly, they began to climb the bridge step by step. Their hearts pounded. Their legs trembled slightly. Fear of the wooden bridge suddenly collapsing without prior notice.

Finally, after 5 thrilling minutes, they reached the other side safely.

“Hiaaaa! That’s right, Mas, it’s okay, everything must be tried first…” Linn exclaimed happily.

“Yeah. You’re right, Beb.”

“Alright, let’s cross back to where we were.”

Zuck gaped at him and frowned. Failed to understand.

“Well, I was just trying, the bridge is still strong or not. It turns out it still is,” Linn explained, then grabbed Zuck’s hand and pulled him back across.

Zuck just went along, even though he felt like something was wrong.

Once across:

“Well, now it’s just a real crossing, Mas. Come on, it’s late in the afternoon..”

“Y.. yes, honey. Now just crossing the real one…

They crossed once again. Because they were sure the bridge was still strong, this time their steps were lighter and not as careful as before. And, approaching the middle of the bridge, suddenly…. BRAAAKKK!!! Then…

BYUURRRRR!! The wooden bridge, which was already fragile, was broken! Due to not being able to withstand the weight of Zuck and Linn’s love.

Hope they’re okay.


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