Hello friends, this time I will give information about a lot of tourism in Lombok. You must already know that Lombok’s exotic beaches with very beautiful natural scenery and friendly people will always smile at you.

There are so many beaches that we will find on the island of Lombok, where there are beaches that are already very well known in various circles of the world and within the country. In addition to the well-known beaches, there are also many beaches that have never been managed, but don’t be disappointed that the beaches that have never been managed or have not been touched by investors are still many and no less interesting than beaches that are already famous because they offer beautiful views around them.

What beaches are already famous in Lombok?

There are several famous beaches in Lombok, including:

1. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach

This beach is a very famous beach in Lombok. This beach is precisely located in the North Lombok area, close to the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, namely Mataram.

Senggigi Beach has been visited by many tourists from abroad for a long time, more precisely, the visitors who dominate are all westerners but not all, mostly.

Along this beach, there are many hotels and cafes that make tourists feel at home to stay and vacation here so that it is increasingly attracting the attention of other tourists to come to visit. But the main thing to enjoy on this beach is to see the sunset or Sunset and the scenery is unforgettable because along this beach is followed by beautiful hills and good road access makes many people pass by to enjoy Senggigi beach.

Senggigi Beach is only an icon to represent the surrounding beaches as well but still in one area. The simple language is the connection from Senggigi beach but the name is different. Because the one who manages it is different.

2. Pink Beach

East Lombok Pink Beach

Now this beach is a beach that is currently being discussed a lot among the people of the country and abroad. Pink beach is a beach located precisely in the village of Sekaroh-Jerowaru-East Lombok.

This beach was called Pink Beach recently because it has pink sand. That’s why it’s called the pink beach. The people around here were surprised after hearing that this beach was widely discussed among the media because of its beauty. This beach has great potential for the world of tourism.

Access to this beach is still not very good because it still sounds fresh, but investors have started to look at this beach. Hopefully it can be managed and maintained its beauty.

3. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach, Central Lombok

Kuta Beach may be familiar to all of us because it is often heard in our ears. Kuta Beach is not only on the island of Bali. Kuta Beach is also in Lombok, precisely in the Central Lombok area.

This beach is a famous tourism object in Lombok because the scenery offered is so beautiful accompanied by many beautiful towering rocks. This beach not only offers beautiful views, but there are many stories and legends, including the Legend of Putri Nyale which is popular in the Lombok community.

The ceremony to catch nyale is a ceremony to get nyale that looks like a worm but in color which you can only find in this place. This traditional ceremony is held every year by the people of Lombok. If you are curious about the nyale catching ceremony, just come to this beach.

What are the names of other beautiful beaches?

There are so many other beautiful beaches in Lombok that make you feel comfortable and can enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok. These beaches include:

  • Labuhan Haji Beach
  • Kwang Wae Beach
  • Ketapang Beach
  • Umbrella Beach

And there are still many beaches that do not yet have a name because there are so many beautiful and crowded beaches to visit in Lombok. Welcome by +Flower Zahid