This time I will post about the 10 most beautiful churches in Indonesia. Well, this is a difficult task. The problem is that although most of the population is Muslim, there are actually a lot of beautiful old churches in Indonesia (including in Solo there is St. Anthony’s church, google it!). As a result, I had to compress several churches in one number hehehe. Here are the top ten most beautiful churches in Indonesia!

1. Jakarta Cathedral

jakarta cathedral

Its official name is quite long, namely, “Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Hufh, not Dutch yet, “De Kerk van Onze Lieve Vrouwe ten Hemelopneming” Buseet. This church was built in 1810 with features of neo-gothic architecture. Eit, the term gothic does not only belong to the emo you know. Gothic is actually a medieval architectural style that originated in Europe. The cathedral church that we know today is actually the result of renovations, because this church had experienced two disasters, namely a fire in 1826 and a collapse in 1890. Not to mention in 2000, this church became the target of a Christmas bomb attack.

This is the inside of the church during mass.


In Jakarta, there are many old churches. You know, Batavia used to be the capital of the Dutch East Indies, so many Dutch people lived here. Besides the cathedral, there is also the Immanuel church in classical architectural style. This church was completed in 1839.


2. Bogor Cathedral


Not far from Jakarta, aka in Bogor (Buitenzorg’s Dutch name used to be), there is the Bogor Cathedral. The church whose official name is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1896.


Not far from Bogor, namely in Bandung, we will find St. Peter’s Cathedral. The church was built in 1921 in a neo-gothic architectural style.

3. Red Church, Kediri

Who would have thought that this city, which is located in the heart of East Java, houses an old church with a gothic architecture? The church, whose real name is GPIB Imannuel, was founded in 1904 and was originally ivory white. After this building was painted red in 2005 ago, then this church got the nickname red church. Uniquely, this church keeps the Dutch-language Bible made in 1867.


4. Blenduk Church, Semarang


Well, if anyone doesn’t know this church, it’s great! Because this church is very famous throughout the country, even becoming an icon of the city of Semarang. Its official name is GPIB Immanuel church. This church gets its name from its large round dome (or “mblendhuk” in Javanese). This church is the oldest Christian church in Central Java and was built in 1753. The design is hexagonal (octagonal) and has two towers which were only added in 1894. This is what the interior looks like.


This church is located in the old city area of ​​​​Semarang which is crowded with old artistic buildings. In the Kota Lama area (not far from Tawang Station) there is also the Catholic Church of Saint Joseph or often called the Gedangan church which was inaugurated in 1875.


5. Mojowarno Church, Jombang


Huh, Jombang? Not wrong? Jombang is not only famous for his Ryan, you know. Believe it or not, in the Mojowarno sub-district, Jombang stands one of the oldest Protestant churches in Indonesia, namely GKJW Mojowarno which was founded in 1881. The Mojowarno area also has the largest Christian population in Jombang.

6. Kepanjen Church, Surabaya


The Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary or better known as the Kepanjen Church was founded in 1815 in Surabaya. This church looks different because of its red brick wall exterior. This church for young people now, it’s gothic.

And this is the beautiful stained glass seen from inside the church.


7. Wooden Hand Church, Malang


The Kayu Tangan Church is located in the cool city of Malang and was built in 1906, while the two towers were only added in 1930.

In addition to the Kayu Tangan church, there is another church with neo-gothic architecture in Malang, namely GPIB Imanuel which was founded in 1861. Uniquely, this church is very close to the Jami Mosque, so Eid prayers are also held near this church. Wow, inter-religious harmony in Malang really deserves thumbs up!


8. Maria Annai Valengkani Church, Medan


At first glance, this building does look like a Hindu temple, but in fact this is a church. Not surprisingly, because the founder is a priest from India named James Barathaputra SJ This church is relatively new because it was inaugurated in 2001. The word “Annai” in the name of this church means “mother”, while Valengkani is the name of a village in India.

9. Larantuka Cathedral, Flores


The Larantuka region is known to have a fairly large Catholic population like its neighbor, Timor Leste. The official name of this church is Reinha Rosari Cathedral. When it was first inaugurated in 1862, this church only had woven bamboo walls and a roof of thatch grass. Well, as we might have guessed, this building was finally devoured by the red rooster, precisely in 1901. The brick-walled church building as it is today was only completed in 1909.

In Flores there is also this beautiful Sikka church. This church was built in 1899 with walls painted with a typical Flores ikat motif.


10. Manado Cathedral


This church is said to be the grandest church in Eastern Indonesia. The church, officially known as the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Mary, was only inaugurated in 2010 to replace the old cathedral whose building was considered obsolete and inadequate for the needs of the people. This church has an eclectic architectural characteristic, aka a mixture of 3 architectural styles, namely Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic. The hallmark is of course the dome that imitates the churches in Rome. Its construction began in 2003 and cost up to 8 billion.


In addition, I found this photo of an old church in the Sayidan area, Yogyakarta. Honestly, the first time I saw it on the internet, I couldn’t believe the building in Indonesia. But it’s not clear whether this church is still in use or not, so I didn’t put it in the top ten. But what is clear, it’s worth to enter the top ten!