The Effect of Fonts on Blog SEO

IS THERE seo friendly fonts (SEO Friendly Fonts)? Does the typeface affect blog seo? The answer: exists and is influential, with a few caveats.

Previously, CB has shared about the best typeface for blogs.
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Typeface affects three things:
1. Loading Speed.
2. Appearance of blog text.
3. Convenience of visitors.

On that basis, the typeface is clearly very influential on the seo blog and Google index. Likewise, there are seo friendly fonts, namely fonts that make loading blogs fast and comfortable in the eyes of readers.

The most popular typefaces are Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, Verdana, Roboto, Georgia, Oswald, and Open Sans.

Popular news sites such as, CNN, Republika Online, etc. using Arial. BBC Indonesia uses Helvetica & Arial.

Facebook Fonts

Facebook uses the Lucida Grande, Tahoma, Helvetica, and Roboto fonts with the blue link color #3b5998.

Twitter Fonts
Twitter uses Helvetica Neue and Arial fonts with its signature blue link #55ACEE.

Google Plus Fonts
Google+ uses the Roboto font with the blue link #dd4b39.


The loading speed of the blog is also determined by the typeface. We can check Google Fonts.

Google warns: “Using many font styles can slow down your webpage, so only select the font styles that you actually need on your webpage.”

It is recommended that we use Google Fonts — also known as web-safe fonts (safe letters for websites) — so that the blog loads quickly and thus becomes user friendly as well as SEO friendly.

This CB blog uses Google Fonts web-safe fonts: Oswald for the title and Droid Sans for the main text (body text).

Do not use a font size that is too small. That will make it difficult for the reader. The current web standard font size is between 13-16 pixels for visitor convenience (UX, User Experience).