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How to create a Sitemap, Table of Content, or Blogspot Blog Table of Contents in Alphabetical Order

ON questions and requests of visitors to this blog, CB share about how to create a blog table of contents alphabetically. Examples or demos can be seen at Alphabet Sitemap.

Previously, CB had shared about the table of contents, starting from Table of Contents by Label/Category, until Table of Contents Tabulation. Please choose, according to taste, but the best is simple because it is so Table of Contents Fast Loading aka not heavy.

The table of contents is part of the Menu Navigation and Internal Linking Building which makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need.

How to Create a Blog Table of Contents Alphabetically – Alphabetis

Here’s how to make an alphabetical blog sitemap that CB took from the blog MBC. An additional feature is that it displays the number of comments.

1. Page > New Page
2. Fill in the title with a Table of Contents or Sitemap
3. Click “HTML” mode
4. Copy the following code.

5. Replace the red blog address with yours.
6. Click “Publish”!

Now List of Blog Contents Alphabetically – Alphabetical is already on your blog. Good Luck! (*