“We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children and grandchildren”. This motto is what inspires the residents of the Sukunan Tourism Village to maintain the environment.

Sukunan Tourism Village is located in Sukunan Hamlet, Banyuraden Village, Gamping District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

The name of Sukunan Tourism Village by using a drink bottle cap (http://yogyakarta.panduanwisata.com)

Sukunan Village has been pioneering to become an ecotourism-based tourism village or called ecotourism since 2003. The high awareness of the people of Sukunan Village to care about environmental cleanliness and their efforts to change the value of waste that disturbs the environment is finally not in vain. The reason is that on January 19, 2009 Sukunan Village officially became an environmental tourism village.

The Australian Consortium for In Country Indonesia (ACICIS) plays a major role in supporting the waste management activities in Sukunan Village. This institution is helping to provide drums which are now used for waste separation. Sukunan Village is often visited by environmental observers and researchers who conduct environmental research. Even several study centers have used Sukunan Village as a reference for the waste self-management program.

Various products from waste recycling (http://chachazahara.wordpress.com)

Sukunan Tourism Village deserves to be an environment-based tourism village because the Sukunan community has carried out the waste processing process independently, both at the household level to the group level. This activity also produces various processed waste products that have more value such as various handicraft products from plastic waste, handicrafts from patchwork and compost from organic waste.

This Sukunan Hamlet has received various achievements, including first place in the waste recycling program competition held by the Ministry of Environment in 2004 and the award for ‘The Best Practice of Waste Management’ at the national level in 2006.

Making bricks and plant pots from Styrofoam (http://chachazahara.wordpress.com)

Environmentally Based Educational and Recreational Tour Packages

As an ecotourism village, Sukunan Village offers various tour packages in the form of environmental-based training that is full of educational and recreational nuances, including:

  1. Take a walk around the village, see the potential of the Sukunan tourist village, share experiences, chat together, share stories with residents and waste management management
  2. When walking around the village, you will be introduced to the IPAL system (Wastewater Treatment Plant) in Sukunan, complete with an explanation of what technology is used
  3. Gaining insight about rainwater management with infiltration sources with biopori
  4. Take a peek at the installation and direct application of biogas in the livestock stables of the Sukunan tourist village
  5. Enjoy the exotic charm of organic farming areas that are cultivated with traditional farming systems
  6. Stop by several residents’ houses which are the culinary centers of the Sukunan tourist village, such as bayem peyek, eel, jadah tempe, and emping mlinjo
  7. Get acquainted with the potential of recycling crafts and Sukunan’s waste management in general
  8. Typical rural attractions such as angon ducks, plowing the fields, planting seeds, and harvesting rice.

Inap Desa (Homestay)

Some of the houses of Kampung Sukunan residents can be rented as homestays. With this homestay facility, tourists can stay overnight and enjoy the daily routine of a quiet villager. The natural conditions in the beautiful Sukunan Village are also an attraction for tourists to relieve fatigue.

Towards the location of Sukunan Tourism Village

From the Tugu (Yogyakarta city symbol) the journey can be continued westward along Jalan Godean for about 2 km to reach a gas station which is located right at the intersection of the four Health Polytechnics (Poltekes). From there, please turn left and follow Jalan Poltekes for 300 meters until you meet the first intersection, then turn right following the road to Banyuraden Village, after walking along the road for 300 meters, you will enter the Sukunan area. Right at the intersection of the alley you will see a kind of area marker made of bamboo and thatched roofs, with a combination of green-yellow color combinations that read “Welcome to Sukunan Tourism Village”.

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Sukunan Hamlet, Banyuraden Village, Gamping District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta
Tel : +62 274 621 739, +62 815 7875 5703 (Iswanto), +62 274 303 3111 (Harti)
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