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The Spirit Archipelago is located in Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Mainland Province, has the Malacca Strait border, adjacent to neighboring Malaysia. Among the vastness of the Malacca Strait, there is a very exotic small archipelago, maybe if we look at the map of Indonesia, these islands are very small.

This archipelago is not as scary as its name and has nothing to do with the occult. On the other hand, the Spirit Islands have a very amazing exotic to visit. The Spirit Archipelago consists of 9 small islands, namely Jemur Island, Batu Berlayar Island, Batu Mandi Island, Tokong Simbang Island, Batu Adang Island, Tokong Pucung Island, Pertandangan Island, Tokong Mas Island, and Labuhan Bilik Island.

Spirit Islands (http://www.gosumatra.com)

These nine islands are small islands overgrown with some trees and vegetation. Most of them consist of boulders and are close together. The Spirit Islands provide a lot of beautiful landscapes, a combination of blue water, white sand and green plants on the island.

The Spirit Islands are fairly clean, free from non-organic waste, because not too many tourists have visited there. The waves are so calm that tourists need not be afraid to enjoy the beauty of the sea by swimming, snorkeling or diving to enjoy the beauty of underwater life. For those who like fishing, you can rent a speedboat to find the best fishing spots and feel the strong pull of the fish between the corals.

Jemur Island

Jemur Island, Spirit Archipelago (http://isusun.com)

Among the nine islands in the Spirit Archipelago group, Jemur Island is the most favorite for tourists to visit. The sun island, which covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 3.5 square kilometers, has a very impressive marine beauty. Clean sea water, white sand which makes tourists feel at home for a long time enjoying Jemur Island. The most interesting thing is, this island as the original habitat of green turtles whose existence is now very rare.

Because it is known as a green turtle habitat, Jemur Island is called Pak-ku by the residents on the Rokan Hilir coast. The meaning of my Pak is turtle from the air. So far, the aspect of the preservation of the turtle’s nesting habitat is quite well preserved from ignorant hands because of the presence of the Indonesian Navy post.

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However, the Rokan Hilir Government continues to carry out captive activities to increase the population of these hard-shelled marine reptiles. Turtle eggs that successfully hatch will be placed in a special container for breeding. After the age of 4-6 months, the hatchlings (turtle chicks) from the captivity are released into the sea.

It takes a very long captivity for turtles to be able to survive in the ocean with a variety of threatening predators. Although they can lay eggs in large numbers, the turtle population does not increase much. Apart from the threat of predators and hunting, turtles are also threatened by the turtles themselves. According to you Suriyadi, a turtle breeding officer on Jemur Island, when in captivity, hatchlings often eat their own friends who are younger, so they must be separated.

Jemur Island, Spirit Archipelago (http://isusun.com)

Hatchlings should be fed in the morning and evening with marine fish on a regular basis. If negligent, hatchlings can kill each other. Therefore, officers should not be lazy in feeding so that the turtles on Jemur Island are more sustainable and become a tourist attraction capital.

If we are lucky we will find a turtle anchored and laying eggs on the beach. A very rare moment to find. In addition to the beauty of the beach and the roots of green turtles, Jemur Island also has a Lighthouse, a Japanese defense cave, as well as the site of the footprints of the magic people, bone wells, and the Panglima Layar stone.

Jemur Island, Spirit Archipelago (http://isusun.com)

Several clusters of coral reefs in the shallow waters of the Spirit Islands also have the potential to be used as diving spots and marine activities such as snorkelling. The coral reef formations here are still pristine, sustainable, and not much enjoyed by lovers of underwater scenery.

The tourism industry in the Spirit Islands, especially on Jemur Island as its icon, has not been well managed.


The journey to Jemur Island can be accessed from Pekanbaru to Bagansiapiapi Harbor by land. After that rent a speedboat for two hours and travel as far as 72km.

Facilities and Accommodation

The Spirit Islands are still very natural, there is no exploitation. The facilities there are still very, very minimal. For those who want to stay in the islands, it is recommended to go to Jemur Island and stay using a tent or at the TNI AL guard post.