Shafira ‘gives’ a special stage for Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 to publicly welcome the appearance of her sister brand to the public: Encyclo. As if immediately showing the readiness of its ready-to-wear line, Encyclo brought 72 sets of clothing that flowed like a stream of intense colors.

Colorful is a keyword at once DNA Encyclo which has been designed since before his birth last September. The collection does not hesitate to use basic colors – instead of neutrals – including red red, blue blue, yellow yellow. Accompanying the sea of ​​colors from the Encyclo collection on the runway yesterday was like witnessing a confident and courageous step, especially when compared to many designers who tend to play it safe with all-black designs.

The Encyclo can also be seen as a piece of Shafira’s style which is more indifferent, typical of young people, and what she feels ‘not yet brave’ is realized; bold colors, casual and more mix ‘n match. A Shafira-goer might squint at the excitement of the color clash: red-blue-yellow-white.

The dominant style composition is outerwear in the form of a bold coat and long coat. Definitely a head turner. Coat combined with a top such as a tunic and pants with a drawstring at the toe. The accessories are no less daring; tube sling bag multicolor (still with a mix of two or three basic colors), and colored wedges shoes as well. A headpiece with a headband wrap style completes this super fun holiday theme.

Blends of up to three colors for hijabers will usually be safe, as long as they are not ‘spread’ over several areas which will make the whole look look ‘busy.’ In accordance with the theme of the collection, nautical blitz, a combination of bright colors like this will be more appropriate when used in the open. It will look too flashy to wear indoors.

Anyway, this collection is a fashion statement from Encyclo that really deserves appreciation. They make casual collections for young hijabers with a very serious cut, material, and quality of stitching.

Source: female daily