Snowball Dessert Yogyakarta

Snowball Desert is located at Jalan Wahid Hasyim 113B, Nologaten, Yogyakarta. To reach this location, go closer through the Mataram Sewer road, until you meet the Blue Outlet, about 50 meters from the Blue Outlet. It is recommended to use a two-wheeled vehicle, because the road is narrow.

If from the city of Yogyakarta, head towards Maestro Affandi . Museum, or go to Jalan Solo (Laksda Adisucipto), after the Museum will find Astra Daihatsu International, on the left, then find Wood Plaza Ambarukmo, approximately 200 meters, turn left, onto Jalan Nologaten (see map below)

The Snowball room, the shades of green and white that dominate the walls instantly create a cool atmosphere. It is a suitable place for sweet food lovers. Oriental dessert which consists of variants of grass jelly, milk crushed, smoothie, qball, zimi and various topping choices.

Services that implement a self-service system make it easy for buyers to directly choose the menu in front of them according to taste. The names of the menus are quite unique because they are in the form of codes.

Snowball Dessert (

Z3 coded menu consisting of bubble, sweet potato, red bean. Don’t forget the green tea ice cream topping to add freshness. The combination of the chewy and soft bubble, the sweet taste of the sweet potato, the caramel texture of the sweet red bean, and the softness of the green tea ice cream make this menu really rich in flavour. All served with a creamy sauce. It’s really yummy.

While the menu coded Q1 is a menu that uses a q-ball. Kind of like a bubble but longer in shape. What’s special about this menu is the lotus filling, which is shaped like a nut but is chewy. So fresh. It is said that this lotus functions as an internal heat reliever. Hmmm, immediately really fresh after drinking the menu. In addition to the two codes offered, visitors can also choose various fields according to taste. It’s great right?

Snowball Dessert (

Menu variant: Oriental Dessert

Recommended menu

– G1 (Qball, Pearl, Ice Cream)
– Z4 (Qball, Pearl, Ice Cream)
– Q4 (Red Bean, Pearl, Grass Jelly)

Best seller menu

– G1
– Z4

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Click on the left to enlarge, you will find the Blue Outlet, approximately 50 meters from it

Snowball Desert
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 113B, Nologaten, Yogyakarta
Tel.: +62 274 433 3021
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 23.00 WIB
Capacity: 30 people
Twitter: @snowballid