Smadav Anti Virus Releases Latest Update 2015

Besides Smadav, there are at least 3 other antiviruses that must be used to protect your computer from the latest virus attacks –Avast, CCleaner, and AdwCleaner.

SMADAV, an Indonesian local anti-virus that is effective in overcoming USB viruses or protecting your computer from viruses that usually spread via Flash Disk, released the latest version on February 10, 2015. Smadaver – as users of this anti-virus – can download or upgrade on the site official,

Bloggers who have not used this antivirus, install it immediately! CB I have been using this antivirus for years and it is proven to be able to secure computers from viruses. Combined with Avast, then we have totally protected our computers so that it is safe & comfortable to blog and do “computing” and “browsing” activities.

Mentioned, in Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.0 there is a change in the appearance and language of Smadav 2015, the addition of a new database of 212 viruses, improvements to the USB flash drive method, etc.


Smadav is available in two versions, namely the Free Version and the Pro Version. Smadav Free & Pro has same detection ability. The difference is only in the auto-update feature and other additional features.

Smadav Pro has many additional features that are not in Smadav Free, such as:

  • Online Automatic Updates
  • Faster Scan
  • Exception List
  • Maximize/Resize
  • Changing Theme Color
  • admin passwords,
  • Use Permission

User Smadav Free you have to re-download the latest 2015 Revised SmadAV file, then open the SmadAV program on your computer and you don’t need an internet connection again, there will be a confirmation that SmadAV will be updated.

The Free version of Smadav does not have an automatic update feature, to get automatic updates via the internet you must use the Pro version of Smadav.

Smadav Anti Virus Releases Latest Update 2015
There are 4 main functions of Smadav:

  1. Additional protection for computer and 100% compatible with other antivirus! That is, there will be no conflict or clash with Avast for example.
  2. Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection USB Flashdisk).
  3. Best for offline use (no need to update too often)
  4. Cleaner and tools to clean viruses.



The computers that CB has used up to now are safe and peaceful, there are no chaotic virus problems and no virus disturbances during blogging and other activities.

In addition to installing Smadav on the computer, CB also installs Avast Antivirus for international virus protection, especially internet viruses –Malware, Spyware, AdWare, etc.

As additional protection, we can also use anti-virus or other internet software, such as:

CCleaner functions to clean the computer from files that are not useful and only burden the performance of the computer — the computer becomes slow or slow.


AdwCleaner functions similar to CCleaner, but focuses on detecting and removing malware viruses that can infiltrate downloaded applications or programs.

We have to download ALL of the above antiviruses from the official website, to be safe, without inserting any links.

Many bloggers share the above antivirus, but “use” it for certain advantages and interests. The link that CB shared above goes directly to the official website of each antivirus.*