Karawitan Festival. Singers and musicians perform at the Festival of Karawitan and Sinden Idol in Semarang, Central Java, Tuesday (16/9). The festival, which was attended by 36 musical groups from various regions in Central Java and Yogyakarta, was in commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of the TNI and the 64th Anniversary of Kodam IV/Diponegoro. (BETWEEN PHOTO/R. Rekotomo)

The singer competition nicknamed “Sinden Idol” was again held by Semarang State University to maintain and spur the regeneration of singers in the midst of global art and culture competition.

“Sinden Idol is indeed a biennial event,” said Secretary of the Committee “Sinden Idol” Suseno on the sidelines of the “Final Night of Sinden Idol” at the Ghradika Bhakti Praja Building Semarang, Thursday (11/12) night.

According to him, the competition event “Sinden Idol” was indeed held to increase the prestige of singers, which so far may not be well known compared to other artistic professions, such as the dalang.

In fact, he said, so far, singers are often considered as a complement in performing arts, even though the role of singers is so important and not everyone can become a reliable singer.

“Nowadays, young people are not interested in learning sinden. Therefore, we want to stimulate the spirit of learning sinden. It is not easy to be a singer, you have to master voice manipulation, and so on,” he said.

He said that the original “Sinden Idol” participants were around 50 people, but after being filtered through several stages, only 10 participants were left divided into two categories, namely teenagers and adults.

“The ten participants are divided into five people each for each category. However, one participant for the youth category is unable to attend so that the person concerned is declared to have resigned,” he said.

The sinden competition participants come from various circles, ranging from students, university students, to the general public and from various regions in Central Java because the division of categories is based on age range. For the youth category, said Suseno, the age limit is between 13-22 years, while the adult category is between 23-35 years, and there are no other special requirements, such as attending college or attending school.

“Yes, we don’t require college, etc.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor II Unnes Wahyono fully supports the collaborative activities between the Central Java Provincial Government and the campus nicknamed “University of Conservation” as a form of cultural preservation.

“We will regularly hold this event (Sinden Idol, ed.) and serve as the mainstay of the Unnes cultural conservation program,” he said, representing Unnes Chancellor Prof Fathur Rokhman who was unable to attend.

On the “Final Night of Sinden Idol 2”, the first prize in the youth category was won by Suci Ofita Dewi (21), a student at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Surakarta, while the adult category was won by Dhesi Purnawai (24).

The winners of the competition each received Rp. 20 million for the first place winner, then Rp. 15 million for the second place winner, and the third place winner received a prize money of Rp. 10 million.

Source: AntaraNews