Jogja Fashion Week 2014 was not only filled with works of original Yogyakarta designers. Many designers from other regions in the archipelago took part in the show which took place from 18 – 22 June 2014. Despite the shortcomings, these young designers who are starting their careers flash a strong signal of optimism in the homeland fashion world.

In its ninth implementation, the fashion week held at the Jogja Expo Center remains consistent to continue to promote fashion products that carry the archipelago’s wastra and the nation’s cultural arts. Carrying the theme “Aura” the designers are expected to be able to create fashion products that exude charm. Ready-to-wear fashion products that are created are not only beautiful in appearance, but also must have the characteristics of the creator and provide comfort to consumers.

As a written batik brand that was born in Yogyakarta, Sidji Batik Indonesia also participated in the biggest fashion week in Yogyakarta. In collaboration with a young designer, Puput Sumargiana, Sidji Batik displayed 16 collections of clothing at the Fashion Parade demonstration stage which was held on Friday, 20 June 2014. The clothes were divided into 10 women’s clothing and 6 men’s clothing.

This young designer from Ponorogo who is still studying at Yogyakarta State University opened the show that afternoon with a cocktail dress collection, followed by sporty clothing for men, and ended with a graceful evening gown. All of Puput’s creations use Sidji Batik cloth, which is full of colors and contemporary abstract patterns.

“Since the Sidji Batik fabric that I use is rich in colors and patterns, I don’t combine it with other materials for this fashion collection. If anything, it’s only a little,” said Puput. In the selection of his work, Puput tends to choose batik with bright colors and which have many patterns or isen-isen. “Some of my collections carry the 2015 color trend, namely bright and bright neon colors,” he added.

Taking the theme “Forget Me Not” which means don’t forget me, Puput tries not to forget the process of creating a work. “Making a piece of batik cloth must go through a long process, where there are rules that must be followed. Well, it’s a form of appreciation for the fading process that I raised in the design theme this time, “he explained. The word “me” which means I in the Puput collection has 3 meanings, namely I am Sidji Batik, I am the process of making batik, and I am the designer.

About his design at Jogja Fashion Week 2014 Puput also said that he got the design idea from canting which has a strong and firm shape. “From seeing the canting, I was inspired to create clothing with a silhouette that is firm and rigid, but still elegant and luxurious,” he said. The designer clothing, which has just made its debut on the show, also has a characteristic urban look.

Source: SidjiBatik