This waterfall is located in Durin Sirugun Village, Sibolangit District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, precisely at the foot of Mount Sibayak. This waterfall is located in the upper reaches of the Sinembah 1 River and was formed from the eruption of Mount Sibayak hundreds of years ago.

Two Colors Waterfall or also known as Telaga Biru Sibolangit Waterfall has a waterfall height of about 75 meters and is located at an altitude of 1475 m above sea level.

Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra (

One waterfall is a beautiful blue and very cold water, with green mossy cliffs around it. The other one is clear white and feels warm. These two waterfalls are separated by several small waterfalls that decorate the cliffs.

As the name suggests, this waterfall has two colors, namely, the water that descends from the top is light blue, while the water that is accommodated below is white to gray. The color arises because of the phosphorus and sulfur content in this waterfall so that visitors are not allowed to drink it. With the two color gradations, it makes the view of the waterfall so beautiful and amazing. The source of this waterfall itself comes from Mount Sibayak.

Reaching location

Passing through the dense forest (

To reach the location of the waterfall which has a height of 100 meters requires an extra hard struggle. From the main door of the Sibolangit campground, visitors must be willing to walk through the lush forest for approximately 2-3 hours.

Even though you pass through dense forest, you don’t need to worry, because along the way you will be assisted with directions that are deliberately installed by the manager, intended for tourists to make it easier to travel to the location of the waterfall. But if you are afraid of getting lost, it never hurts to hire a local guide there at a rate of 100-300 thousand rupiahs

depending on the number of participants and your negotiations.

Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra (

Your adventurous spirit is getting honed with challenging paths, such as uphill, downhill directions, as well as crossing several small rivers in the forest. That’s great. All your drained energy will be paid off upon arrival at the Dua Warna Waterfall attraction. The beauty and coolness of this waterfall will spoil your travel desires.

After being traced, it turns out that this waterfall originates from the eruption of Mount Sibayak which forms a river flowing with sulfur (sulfur) which then unites with forest water infiltration so that it becomes cold blue water. Uniquely, the waterfall does not emit the smell of sulfur but never drink the water. In addition, the existence of this waterfall is also hidden in a tropical rain forest in the middle of Sibayak I and Sibayak II forests with an altitude of 1475 meters above sea level.


An intercity bus bound for Kabanjahe from Medan can be your choice to go to Sibolangit Campground, Karo Regency. It will be even more convenient if you use a private car or a rental car. Once you arrive at the Campground, you must prepare for your next exploration.

Ticket price

You will be asked to issue a nominal value of Rp. 25,000,-

when entering the waterfall area. More precisely, it is referred to as a retribution fee for maintenance around the location of a tourist attraction.


Bring food supplies as needed, because there are no food vendors around the waterfall. Don’t do too much either, because it will make it difficult for you to pass the road to this waterfall.


Sibolangit Two Color Waterfall, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra