Alexa Rank Widget

Should we Install, Create or Display Alexa Rank Widget on blogs? For new bloggers who “don’t know”, Alexa Rank is the ranking of our blog in the “standings” of international blogs (global rank) and Indonesia (rank in Indonesia).

If you want to know in what order your blog’s popularity is, just open it Alexa –all register your blog– then enter your blog url. Is there? If no data? Register your blog immediately.

Back to the matter of Should the Alexa Rank Widget Display on the Blog, CB argues, it’s relative! If our blog has a good ranking on Alexa, we must install it! If our blog is still in the millions position, don’t worry, be shy! Haha……

EXAMPLEBLOG I myself have installed the Alexa Rank Widget, but it’s “hiding” in the About. According to Alexa, at the time of this post (28/4/2014), Global Rank EXAMPLEBLOG: 80,517 dan Rank in Indonesia: 897. Not bad…. 🙂

So, should Display Alexa Rank on our Blog and be seen by visitors?

The Alexa Rank widget on our blog will let visitors quickly know the ranking of our blog on the world-acclaimed ranking site.

If your blog’s ranking is good, with the alexa widget we “show off” (show off) while increasing the credibility of the blog in the eyes of the user.

If our blog’s Alexa traffic ranking is good, it will also invite potential advertisers (potential advertisers).

How to increase Alexa ranking

The most effective way to increase blog ranking on Alexa is to provide quality content (Quality Content) on the blog. Content is STILL the King. This is also the best SEO technique according to Google.

How to increase our blog ranking on Alexa is essentially the same as how to increase blog visitors.

In essence, our blog must contain posts that are unique, original, needed by readers, and useful. What determines the popularity of a blog is not the number of posts, but the quality! the term, “Quality is best Than Quantity”.

However, here are additional ways to increase your alexa ranking:

  1. Avoid Errors. Avoid errors, especially Error 404. Read: How to Overcome Error 404.
  2. Install the Alexa Rank Widget on your blog. That way, your own visits will be counted by Alexa.
  3. Install “Alexa Toolbar” in your Browser. The trick, first register to Alexa and download the alexa toolbar.
  4. Write a post about “Alexa Rank”. Invite bloggers and visitors to install the Alexa Toolbar in their browsers. Reason number 4 is what made CB make this post 🙂

Thus, the question Should Display the Alexa Rank Widget on the Blog, the answer should be yes…! I’m not sure either, because the world’s leading sites don’t seem to have the Alexa rank widget installed…. Wasalam. (*