don't use click here - click here

WE often find the words “Click here” (click here) in a blog/website post. For example, “More Information Please Click here!“. Many SEO experts say, it’s wrong!

Instead, use the words that match the link address. If the link address “Cool Blog Example“, then it should be like this: “More Information Please visit Cool Blog Example!

“Don’t use ‘click here‘ as link text,” the W3C said in the post No Click Here. Explain what the link has to offer! “Explains what the link offers”.

For example, DO NOT USE sentences like “To download W3C’s editor/browser Amaya, click here.”, but use it like this: Tell me more about Amaya: W3C’s free editor/browser.

There are quite a number of references to SEO Link Tips that “order” us not to use the words “Click Here”, al.

  1. Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here”,
  2. Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here”,

Still not enough? Just google it yourself…. Use kw “don’t use click here” and we’ll get tons of “callouts” not to use the word “click here”, but to use the name of the link directly. Good Luck!