If you are on vacation in Banyuwangi. Make sure your breakfast is a typical Banyuwangi food, namely sego cawuk. This food is perfect for you, before starting your holiday activities. The name sego cawuk comes from the way foreigners eat it without a spoon or fork, using their hands. If not eaten by hand the taste will be different.

Components Sego cawuk component is kuwah consisting of grated young coconut, corn, and accompanied by sliced ​​cucumbers that have been sliced ​​into small pieces. It is also seasoned with shallots, garlic, and chilies. To add nutrition sego cawuk. Usually this food is added with fish, boiled eggs, or boiled duck. For those of you who like spicy, you can add tomato sauce which can make your tongue hot. What makes this food special from Banyuwangi is the existence of a typical Banyuwangi Pindang sauce, where it is only made in Banyuwangi. Pindang sauce is granulated sugar that is cooked gendam, so the results are clear and sweet.

The way to cook it is also quite unique, namely enough granulated sugar which is heated in a pan until it melts. After being shaped like a paste, the pasta is immediately doused with enough water and also seasoned with galangal, bay leaf, and salt.

Finding sego cawuk in Banyuwangi is very easy. This is because sego cawuk is the breakfast for the Osing people (Banyuwangi Native Tribe). Because it is a breakfast food, sego cawuk becomes difficult to find if it is around noon and above. Like at the Mak Mantih stall in Perejengan Village, Rogojampi District. This shop only provides sego cawuk from 06.00 to 10.00 am only. According to him, this culinary is suitable for breakfast. The number of workers and the market in Rogojampi sub-district, makes this shop a bustling shopper. On average per day, this small shop can spend 3 kilos of sea fish and 10 kilos of pindang eggs. especially when the holidays have arrived. This is because many people miss the taste of typical Banyuwangi food.

To increase the variety of food. Warung mak mantih has many additional menu items such as Pelasan fish, beef jerky, nus, or eggs cooked in pindang. for the price of one serving of cawuk rice varies. Prices start from IDR 7000 to 15,000, depending on the additional side dishes you order. Usually customers buy additional fish and eggs.

Come on, come to Banyuwangi and taste the culinary specialties.

Source: Indonesian original