1. Scope of Religion

General scope of religion are the things that become the main guidelines for the religion, among others, are:

  1. There is belief in the unseen
  2. There is a holy book as a guide
  3. The presence of the messenger
  4. There are teachings that can be obeyed
  5. There is a standard worship ceremony

2. Scope of Islam

As for Scope of Islam itself basically consists of three main elements, namely Faith, Islam and Ihsan. The three, although they have different meanings, are in practice interrelated and cannot be separated.

  1. Faith it means to justify with the heart, to realize (realize) in words and actions the existence of Allah SWT with all His Perfection, the angels, the books of Allah, the Prophets and Apostles, the Last Day, and Qadha and Qadar.
  2. Islam means to obey, submit, and surrender to all the provisions that have been set by Allah SWT. The pillars of Islam consist of: Shahadatain (two sentences of creed), Prayer, Zakat, Fasting, and Hajj.
  3. Ihsan It means having morals and being pious so that in carrying out worship to Allah and muamalah with fellow creatures, he does it with full sincerity. It was as if God was watching it all the time.

From the explanation above, Islam has three scopes that are interrelated and cannot be separated so that it can also be called the 3 Scope of Islam.

Then, which includes muamalah with fellow creatures are as follows:

  • Be muamalah with humans in relation to Apostle, self, family, community, nation, between nations, and so on. (See QS Al Hujuraat: 13 and Al Maa-idah: 2)
  • Come to terms with animals, plants and the universe. (See QS Ibrahim: 19; Ali Imran: 191; Luqman: 20; Al Mu’minuun: 71 and Ar Ruum: 41).

Various Religions

Basically there are two types of religion, namely:

  1. Revelation Religion, namely the teachings of Allah that were conveyed to His Apostles, namely Islam. Religion of Revelation / Heavenly (sky), the opposite or opposite of Religion and Culture. The Divine Religion is the Religion of Revelation where the revelation is not revealed directly to the public, but through the Messenger or Messenger of Allah. The revelations were sent down through supernatural beings called Angel to the messenger. The appointment of a human being as a messenger by God is unseen, because the delivery of revelation by God Angel to humans it is supernatural.
  2. Culture Religion, is a teaching that is produced by the mind and/or human equality cumulatively.

The characteristics of the two religions are:
The characteristics of the Religion of Revelation (sky):

  1. With certainty, it can be determined that it was born, and did not grow from society, but was passed down to the community.
  2. Delivered by humans who are chosen by God as His messenger. The messenger did not create religion, but conveyed it.
  3. Have a Bible that is clean from human intervention.
  4. His teachings are permanent, although the interpretation can change according to human intelligence and sensitivity.
  5. The concept of God is: Absolute Monotheism (Tawhid).
  6. The truth is universal, which applies to every human being, time and situation.

The characteristics of Cultural Religion, among others:

  1. Growing cumulatively in the community of adherents.
  2. It was not conveyed by the messenger of God (Allah’s Apostle).
  3. Generally do not have a holy book, if any, will experience changes in the course of its history.
  4. His teachings can change, according to changes in the minds of the people (adherents).
  5. His concept of God, dynamism, animism, polytheism and the highest is relative monotheism.
  6. the truth of his teachings, not universal, that does not apply to every human being, time and situation.