Sample Letter of Permission Not to Enter School has an important function for school children, a person sometimes has problems to carry out daily activities in this case for example because of illness. When we are sick, we automatically need to rest so that the next day we can be more fit and healthy. If the child is sick and cannot take part in learning at school, the school should notify the school so that he can get permission to not enter by giving a letter and giving it to the school.

Here we will discuss an example of a letter of permission to not go to school with a simple concept but the intent and purpose is clear, so that the school will know the conditions why the child does not go to school.

“How to Make a Permit Not Entering School”

Structure and format of writing a letter of permission not to go to school:

  1. Place and date of writing the letter
  2. The purpose of the letter usually begins with To Dear,
  3. Greetings
  4. Foreword
  5. Content of letter
  6. Closing
  7. Signature and bright name

“Examples of Permission Letter Not Entering School”

Jakarta, November 26, 2015


Mr / Mrs Teacher Homeroom Class V

Public Elementary School 05

Central Jakarta

Yours faithfully,

We are parents/guardians of:

Name : Anjar Wicaksono

Class : V – B

Address : Jalan Adisucipto No.05, Central Jakarta

Informing that our child mentioned above cannot follow the lesson properly due to being sick. Please, Mr / Mrs Teachers can understand and give permission to not go to school for 3 days to be able to rest.

Thus we make this letter, for the attention of Mr. / Mrs. Teacher, we thank you.

Best regards,

Anjani Setya

(Parents of Students)

Here was sample letter of permission not to go to school with a simple format and you can modify it according to your personal data and better language. It would be nice when making a letter of permission not to go to school accompanied by a letter from a doctor.