Related Posts Can Increase Blog Pageviews

IF installed or displayed correctly, then Related Posts (Related Posts) can increase the number of pages visited (Pageviews). Thus stated NN Group based on study results.

NN Group also provides examples of websites that are rated “good” and “bad” regarding related posts. Blogs without related posts are not user friendly and make visitors not interested longer in the blogs they visit.

On the other hand, related posts with good placement will attract the attention of visitors to further exploit blog content and this is what increases pageviews.

If your blog doesn’t show Related Posts at the end of each post, create one now! Here he is How to make a related post which is safe from link insertion. You know, there are many related post codes that are shared by other bloggers, but there is link injection, both overt and hidden!

What is shared by CB is guaranteed to be safe from link insertion. The demo is like in this CB blog.

Back to the related post function. Besides being able to increase pageviews, a list of related posts under each post can also be reduce bounce rate.

The basic function of related posts is as an internal link as well as blog navigation to guide visitors to the posts they are looking for. Google highly recommends good navigation and internal links in a blog.

Guide to Making Related Posts

  1. End Articles with Links to Related Content. Place the related post at the end of the post.
  2. Choose Relevant Related Links. Select the related link that is relevant to the post. For blogs, generally based on the same label.
  3. Consider Context When Judging Relevance.
  4. Avoid Placing High-Priority Links Among Stylized Content.
  5. Don’t Let Anything Come Between the Article and Related Links. Do not place related posts in the middle of posts. Preferably at the end.
  6. Feature Relevant Categories
  7. Front-Load Hyperlinks with Keywords. Start with Keywords. Make sure the title in the related post contains the same keywords as the post. We recommend that keywords are at the beginning of the post title.

Good Luck!