optimization is an Advertiser who dares to directly pay you 10 dollars at the time of the first registration. Requirements to register in adsoptimal very easy and there are not many conditions directly approved.

Low page views, new blogs and even free blogs can directly register on adsoptimal because they don’t mind it and in the menu of page views per day there are 0 to 999 page views / day.

How to register at Adsoptimal ?

Select Sign Up Now

next Fill in all the required data in the options apply for premium account just click yes

Initial registration is complete, then wait for a confirmation email from adsoptimal.

After getting a reply email, click directly on the link that says invite link here fill in all the required data. Actually the registration process to become an adsoptimal publisher has been completed, just waiting for the last confirmation email to activate your account. The last confirmation email from adsoptimal usually takes 1 day.

How do I put the adsoptimal script on the blog?

After you receive a confirmation email stating that your blog has been accepted by adsoptimal, please just click the link take our code from dashboard then you will be taken to where the ad code is taken as shown below.

choose Get Code Next, a confirmation will appear I understand, show me the code just click, copy the ad script, enter it on the blog from the template menu > edit html > find the code to make it easier to use ctrl + f, place the ad script just above the code, save it.

Your first ad has been completed, the ad is specifically for cellular display.

Next Creating desktop ads

Select menu desktop will appear like this

Choose the ad that suits your needs, I understand, show me the code then the ad script will appear which is divided into 2 parts. Copy the ad code above and paste it on the blog like the steps to place the code in the html earlier, place it again right above the code under the first ad code. Next, copy the ad script in part 2, select layout > add gadget > select html javascript > paste the script in part 2 earlier > save > view blog > then you can see ads from adsoptimal.

The process of placing ads from adsoptimal on the blog is complete, now it’s time to see your first income given by adsoptimal.