Rajaaccessoris.com Cheapest Car Accessories Online Shop Site! – In recent years, automotive manufacturers have added a touch of more diverse colors to their products, whereas in the past, both motorcycles and cars used metallic paint, now doff paint is becoming more and more popular. Doff itself has the property of not reflecting light when exposed to sunlight or lights at night, besides that it also looks duller than a car or motorcycle that uses metallic paint.

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Despite this color Rajaaccessoris.com makes the vehicle appear more elegant and also more ferocious, so it is not surprising that this color is increasingly popular, especially in Indonesia, which is now starting to be available in several automatic motorcycle variants such as the Honda Vario 150. It’s just that how to care for Doff paint on vehicles is not easy and requires a method. specifically so that the color can be more durable, if it is wrongly treated it will make the paint fade and of course the color is not as cool as before.

The weakness of the Doff color on vehicles is that it is easy to be deformed when exposed to scratches such as dust and other small particles. To clean a Doff color vehicle, you should first clean the surface using a soft cloth or you can also use a duster. This is done so that dust and other dirt can be lifted first. If you immediately flush with water then the dust can not be removed easily.

Next, prepare two buckets and then fill them with clean water, one special bucket to mix with soap and the other bucket only contains water which is used later for flushing the vehicle. Don’t forget to also prepare some other ingredients such as foam, special car wash soap and also chamois. car accessories But you need to remember that the foam used must be soft and not easy to stick with dirt. It is feared that if the dust sticks to the foam, it will scratch the body of your own vehicle.

Meanwhile, the soap or shampoo used must also be specifically for vehicles, avoid using laundry soap because the chemicals contained in it are also different. The quality of a good car wash shampoo is that it has a soft contour and is easy to lather. You can buy it at vehicle accessories stores or you can also get it at the mini market. Pour the shampoo into a bucket filled with clean water and stir until foamy.

Furthermore, if the vehicle has been cleaned Car Accessories Distributor using a cloth or duster the next step is to flush or spray using clean water. You should not spray with high pressure because it can be fatal if it hits electrical components, especially on injection-tech motors. After you flush everything evenly, then dip the foam into a bucket filled with soap and then rub it into the vehicle body. Do it slowly without pressure to avoid scratches, if there is dirt that is difficult to remove such as animal droppings or so on you can use a toothbrush, but keep in mind to rub slowly and if it is gone immediately flush again using clean water.

After finishing washing Selling Car Accessories rinse your vehicle using clean water or you can also use running water. Also check the underside whether it is really clean or not and after that just dry it using a chamois. It is better to avoid using a chamois that is no longer suitable for use, such as starting to stiffen to full of creases. For maximum results, you can also provide a special spray so that the quality of the matte paint on your vehicle can be more durable and look shiny. Also read, Tips for Caring for Car Body Wrapped in Stickers, How to Take Care of the Right White Car and How to Take Care of Car Paint to Keep it Shiny.