“Journey Through Nusantara” was the theme raised at a charity event organized by the Indonesian Heart Foundation (YJI) and the Indonesian Asthma Children Foundation (YAPNAS) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta. This event was held to preserve the love for the fabric of the archipelago. By collaborating with Priyo Oktaviano with two other well-known designers, the array of beauty and diversity of the archipelago’s fabrics was exhibited.

In his fashion parade this time, Priyo takes us to his admiration for the culture and way of dressing of Malay women (Palembang, Aceh, Lampung and Batak). This collection looks more special and has character because of the application of gold plates and gold thread embroidery with drapery technique on chiffon and tile fabrics. It can really describe the style of Indonesian women who are gentle and polite.

The charity night looked even more special because it wasn’t only the models who walked on the runway but Indonesian women who loved the fabric of the archipelago also joined in wearing clothes by Priyo Oktaviano.

Source: Dewimagazine