Powerful Tips How to Exchange Good Links

Powerful Tips How to Exchange Good Links – You must have wished for automatic link exchange, right? The following information I took from a neighbor’s blog http://blogwalking-top.blogspot.com. so I also want to have a link that can be linked automatically (not manually) I’m sure all of you can’t wait to prove it. let’s start to the scene. Consider c as an example there are many links that recorded the number of say reach 100 or 200 or others. You just need to create a post page like the one I made, and just copy and paste the script code that I provide below. 

Here’s the script code that you need to copy into the post:

How does the script above work (automatic link)

  1. When you click on this post page, your blog URL will be listed on that page.
  2. Imagine if this is duplicated to 100 or 200 different blogs the link will spread (predicted backlinks will be related to each other 100x100x100 which is at least 1,000,000 backlinks) easy, right!?
  3. I’ve tried and it works, good luck.