Plant parts – As one of the most perfect types of living beings, we are equipped with reason given by the creator. With this mind, we can think smarter than other living things. By giving reason to humans, it makes humans have an obligation to study. And one of the sciences that you must learn is biology.

By the time you are in school, you must already know biology. Biology is a science that studies the problems of living things. Posting my article this time is also not far from the problem of biology. The problem that I will discuss on this occasion is the problem of plants. You must already know the name of the plant? For humans, plants are not a foreign thing. Because plants have important functions for human life. what I will discuss on this occasion is not a problem of plant function but the problem of the parts contained in plants.

Maybe at this time, you are asking questions about the parts that exist in plants. What parts are found in plants? To know this, you must listen to the following explanation.

Plant parts

There are so many types of plants that exist in the environment around us, ranging from those that have small shapes to those that have large shapes. The plant itself has its own parts, where the plant parts Each has its own function that must be carried out in order to maintain the survival of the plant itself. It has been said above that on this occasion we will discuss the parts of plants, for that, let’s just look at the explanation in the description below.

Plant parts

Plants that exist on this earth have several important parts. The following is plant parts :

  1. Root. Roots are the most important part of the plant. The root itself is in the soil or in other words the root is the part of the plant that is buried by the soil. Although there are also plants whose roots are not buried in the ground, however, most of them have roots in the soil. Fungui rather than the roots themselves one of which is to absorb water and absorb minerals contained in the soil.
  2. Trunk. The stem is the part of the plant that serves as a place for the growth of other plant parts such as leaves and fruit.
  3. Leaf. Leaves are part of plants that can function as a tool for breathing for plants.
  4. Flower. Flowers are part of the plant that serves as a tool for reproduction.
  5. Fruit. The fruit is the part of the plant that results from the reproduction process.