Paper airplanes are toy airplanes made of paper. The ship is the most basic design in the art of forming paper (An activity that involves folding paper so that the paper has a certain shape such as the shape of animals, houses, and so on). In Japanese this is referred to as kami hikoki; us = paper, hikoki = fly.

Paper flying boats are the most famous, because they are the easiest designs in the art of forming paper. Paper flying boats can easily be formed in 6 steps.

Paper material has been used to make toys since 2000 years ago in China. At that time, kites had become a popular game there. However, it is uncertain who actually created this thing. The design of this paper airplane is getting more advanced, year after year. Paper flying boats may have been invented in 1909. However, most people would accept the opinion that Jack Northrop had invented paper airplanes in 1930. In that regard, he had used paper airplanes to study the intricacies of actual airplane building.

In Indonesia, how to make paper boats is often taught since we are in kindergarten. When the paper ship is formed, we will race to fly it. Whose ship flies the furthest, that’s the greatest paper ship. Before flying this ship, we also often blow the tip of our ship. For whatever reason, the ritual of blowing the tip of the ship before it is flown continues to this day. Can anyone answer it?

Red.: For those of you who work in tall buildings, it’s very fun to fly there….. 🙂

Source: Mantraitemdoeloe