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How to fix the wrong blog post image (thumbnail image) or not showing up when sharing to Facebook.

SOMETIMES even often, when a post or article is shared to Facebook, the image that appears on Facebook is not the photo in the article, but something else. Sometimes it’s just the title that appears.

If the problem of overcoming only the title that appears, there is already a solution: Bring up the Description (First Paragraph) Post on Facebook Share.

Share to Facebook is one of the SEO tricks to invite visitors and spread links to our blog, at least “link effect”.

Overcoming Wrong Image (Not Appearing) When Posting Share to Facebook

To display the correct image, photo, or post image on Facebook, do two things:

1. Make sure the uploaded image is at least 200×200 Pixel or larger.
2. Add the following “Open Graph Image Property” meta tag code into your template.
3. Copy the following code part of the code below code

4. Change Alternate Image URL with an image link that will appear if the post has no image.

Remember, the image size is also at least 200 x 200px.

5. Save!

It will take Facebook about 24 hours to recognize the change on your blog. However, we can speed things up by entering one of the post links and testing it on the Facebook’s Open Graph Debugger Tool. Good Luck! (*