Your Image, Image, Thumbnail is not appearing on the front page of the blog (homepage)? This is the right way to deal with it.

Image Thumbnail Not Appearing

BIASN if the thumbnail image does not appear on the homepage, it will be replaced with a blank image or the default image as illustrated in this post: No Image Available (No picture).

Overcoming thumbnail images that don’t appear on the blog is really easy.

But first, what is a thumbnail image?

A thumbnail image is a small graphics file. These images are created from standard size images and are used on webpages. The small size allows Web surfers quick access to webpage content. (

#1 Way to Overcome Thumbnail Images Not Appearing on Blog

1. Make sure you upload your own pictures/photos, not “From a URL” but Upload –> Choose File

If it still doesn’t show up, try checking:

2. Settings –> Site Feed –> Allow Blog Feed –> select FULL, not others!

Well, the latter was experienced by New Johny Wuss during the “trial”, suddenly the Featured Post image did not appear, it turned out that “Allow Blog Feed” was a disease, the same as experienced when CB Blogger template trial Daily Times Theme for Blogspot whose thumbnail image didn’t appear.

Just in case someone has experienced it, try the method above.

Method #2

Convert Https to Http
If the two methods above still don’t work, then do this:

1. Edit posts/writings whose thumbnail images don’t appear on the homepage
2. Click mode HTML (next to Compose)
3. At the top of the post, look for the code/text https. For example: a href=”https://…. or src=”https://….
4. DELETE letters s thus becoming http. Click “Update” (Update)!

Apparently, there is a change in the Image Thumbnail URL in Blogger, from http to https, so that the thumbnail image does not appear. There are also many blog templates that are not affected by these changes.


The thumbnail image still doesn’t appear with the methods above? Try to overcome with the following ultimate weapon:

1. Templates > Edit HTML
2. Find (Ctrl+F) the code

4. Change code

There are more codes here

with the following code:



no image

So, if the ways to deal with the non-appearance of thumbnail images above still don’t work, you have to… the most effective solution: just change the template! 🙂

Good Luck and Happy Blogging! (*