The otok-otok ship is a toy in the form of a miniature ship, about 20 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, and 4 cm high. It is made of cans. This ship is called the otok-otok ship because it is adapted to the sound when the toy is turned on.

This ship is assembled by soldering, then painted in a blue-yellow-red-green color combination. And this toy is very nationalist, because the red and white flag is always attached. The way to play this otok-otok ship is that the ship is placed on a basin that has been given water, then fill the water from the “exhaust” of the ship, then turn on the wick and wait a while until the water in the “tank” of the ship boils. The ship will soon run with its characteristic sound of otok…otok…otok… around the basin. There is something unique. The fuel used is not gasoline or diesel, but coconut oil/cooking oil.

This toy is called a sekaten ship because in Solo or Yogya there, every time there is a celebration of sekaten this ship is always sold. Until now, otok-otok boats are still often found in traditional markets.

Source: Mantraitemdoeloe