Jakarta Fashion Week is the biggest fashion week in Southeast Asia which has brought many talented and accomplished designers to make their works as a fashion forward trend in the eyes of the world. This is the reason why Indonesian designers flock to exhibit their works by following the JFW, and the 2015 JFW, which will be held at the end of this year, is no exception.

One of the designers who showed their skills on the JFW catwalk was NurZahra. Last March, she presented her collection in Spring/Summer 2015 at Fashion Week Tokyo 2014. This time, NurZahra presented her work at the Indonesia Fashion Forward 2 Show in a series of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 performances.

This Muslim designer raised a theme taken from the sensation of the beauty of the legend of the ancient Babylonian garden. One of the wonders of the world in ancient times that is still full of mystery but also holds a high form of art.

NurZahra’s design in Jakarta Fashion Week 2015/ Copyright by Vemale.comNurZahra’s design in Jakarta Fashion Week 2015/ Copyright by Vemale.com

“The love story behind the construction of the garden resembles a landscape, the motherland of the queen, which she missed so much at that time, resulting in a beautiful garden built on a height that is overgrown with various exotic flowers and plants which are the source of this inspiration,” said NurZahra in the Media Room Jakarta Fashion. Week Senayan City Jakarta last Saturday 1 November 2014.

In the design, most of them use large floral motifs and other natural motifs which are visualized using batik techniques. Atlantic bamboo, Way to sky, Garden, Stack of lotus, blue lotus, and flower vines are the names of modern, simple and sophisticated motifs. All of that is not only acceptable among Muslim fashion users but also fashion lovers in general.

“The choice of this cold color palette does not cover the romantic mood that is emitted through the overall appearance of this collection,” he explained.

In this collection, NurZahra is consistent with the choice of materials that are comfortable and environmentally friendly. Hang in Garden plays with a choice of soft and light materials such as cotton voile, silk and tobi weave. Bureau of indigo, white tends to be gray and white is the main color dominance for NurZahra’s collection this time.

Source: Vemale