I don’t know why the policy chaos in Indonesia is like a chaotic situation. The chaos of the KPK, the chaos of PSSI and now the polemic of the new regulation for the disbursement of JHT BPJS TK money. As for the KPK issue, I’ve been lazy to follow its development. Meanwhile, for the fuss about football, which resulted in PSSI being sanctioned by FIFA, I have also taken the attitude: YOUR QUAREP! Not my business. After all, I don’t have the capacity to interfere in that matter, even though I really like football.

Then now comes the controversy over the new regulation for the disbursement of JHT BPJS Employment money, from the initial membership requirement of only 5 years, it has doubled to 10 years! Even that can only be taken 10% or 30%. If you want to claim 100%, you have to wait until you are 56 years old.

No doubt, the rules that seemed sudden suddenly provoked the emotions of many BPJS Employment participants. There are demonstrations, there are tantrums at the BPJS TK branch office, there are those who make petitions rejecting the new rules. There are also those who vent their anger through social media by cursing the admins of the fanpage and twitter of BPJS TK. Even though the fanpage and twitter admins don’t know anything, they are also workers who only carry out the regulations from policy makers.

JHT Latest Info: Starting September 1, 2015, for those who have stopped working JHT money can be disbursed 100%

At first I also took the attitude of ‘stupid teuing’ with all the commotion. Although occasionally I am asked by people to help take care of the JHT money claim, personally I am no longer a BPJS TK participant. I had disbursed the JHT money several years ago when the agency was still called Jamsostek.

But my ignorance began to be disturbed, after the article on this blog that discussed the experience of disbursing JHT BPJS TK funds began to be read by many people, even though the article was still guided by the old regulations. Finally I edited the article again following the new regulations, so that visitors can get relevant information. But it’s only been a few days since it was edited, without my knowledge the new regulations for BPJS TK have been revised. That is, BPJS TK participants who have stopped working before June 30, 2015, are still allowed to withdraw JHT funds using the old regulations. There is no need to obey the new rules, which have to wait until the membership period is 10 years or until the age of 56 years.

About two weeks later I found out about it. Finally I frantically looked for info here and there about the revision of the new rule. Because because I didn’t know the revision, I gave the wrong answer when a visitor asked a question in the comments. Dizzy! Not to mention having to edit the article once again. And the news is that the revised regulations are not final yet, there is still the possibility to change again! That means you’ll have to edit again later. Baiyuuh!

It’s confusing, not only for BPJS TK participants, but also for bloggers who write about the disbursement of JHT funds. The reason is that you have to go back and forth to edit the article. Plus you have to be diligent in following the development of this news, so that you can answer if there are comments that come. Dizzy!

People who are authorized to handle BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, please, before actually deciding on the policy, survey first to coolie-level workers. Do not issue policies that are not wise. Which in fact brought a wave of protests, swearing and swearing, and ended up with revisions to regulations that had already been announced.

Not all workers in Indonesia are office workers and foremen, who are able to serve the company for years. Many workers are still contract laborers. There are also many workers who get jobs that are not light and have to work hard.

Try to visit oil palm plantation companies occasionally. Enter the field. Watch how the oil palm harvesting workers are drenched in sweat, exerting all their strength, lowering fruit after fruit, then releasing them to the street. Or watch how the palm fruit loaders work regardless of the scorching heat of the sun, lifting palm fruit that weighs 40 – 100 kg onto a truck bed that is 3 meters high. And the amount that must be transported per day is not small, but tons. Try the esteemed policy makers trying this job, it doesn’t have to be 10 years, let alone 56 years. 10 days, I think it’s going to be bloody stools.

Hard workers like that are very rarely able to work for up to 10 years, let alone until the age of 56 years. How sad are they, when they leave work and want to take their rights at BPJS TK, they have to wait until they are 56 years old?! Not to mention because of the long waiting period, the required documents are lost or forgotten where to store them. And sometimes it happens, people who lose the required documents to take JHT, finally just give up and let the JHT money not be taken. The problem is lazy and cumbersome to take care of lost letters.

By requiring new workers to be able to withdraw 100% of JHT money at the age of 56, this could prevent someone from being an entrepreneur. Because there are certain people who only want to work for a few years, just to raise capital. Then after sufficient savings, plus JHT money, he will stop working and open a business. But with the regulation, it is only permissible to disburse JHT in its entirety when it is 56 years old, this is actually like telling people to continue to be mental workers.

If the policy is to increase the price of fuel, even though many people do not agree, it is still understandable because it follows the world oil price. But if the policy makes it take longer for someone to take JHT money, how come I fail to understand. The JHT money is purely worker’s money, the result of salary deductions plus contributions from the company where he works. Not state money! In fact, the state already gets its own share of the workers’ income tax.

This is a worker who wants to take his own money, his own savings, his own rights, his own sweat, how come he was stopped by the new rules and had to wait until he was 56 years old. Or maybe the workers’ money was deliberately withheld, to be manipulated, to be traded. Oh well. These are just my thoughts as a small and stupid folk.

Sorry if there are words that are not pleasing. Regards. ^^