East Lombok is a strategic area for the world of tourism. Lombok has great potential for tourism. Especially in the East Lombok area. Many places are owned to serve as business opportunities in the tourism sector. Like places that are visited a lot for example Mount Rinjani. This mountain is a very popular tourist attraction in Lombok. For climbers this place is a very suitable place for those who like to explore nature. Mount Rinjani is the 3rd largest mountain in Indonesia after the mountains in Papua and Java.

Mount Rinjani has been officially opened as a tourist attraction in Indonesia which is called the Mount Rinjani National Park. If you want to visit this National Park, it is not too difficult to take it because the road is adequate. From Lombok International Airport, it only takes about an hour and a half to get to this national park. During the trip to this place, you will definitely feel the atmosphere of Lombok which is so unique with lots of cidomo or typical Lombok rickshaws found along the way.

Rinjani Mountain

Pedicabs are often used by local people as a traditional means of transportation which is still maintained today. However, there is no rickshaw that takes you to Mt. Because rickshaws are not machines. On the way, before arriving at the post rest area when entering the Mount Rinjani National Park area, you will definitely see a cool view because there are many large trees on the left and right side of the road during the journey to the resting place.

If you are on your way to the Rinjani mountain area, you will certainly find many animals, among which often appear on the road, a group of monkeys or monkeys that inhabit the place, as if like thugs blocking the road and asking you to come down and ask to be given something like food and other things. etc.

Mount Rinjani is a sacred mountain for the surrounding community. So don’t be mean to people, to nature, and to animals. Don’t ever say dirty things. This place will be beautiful if you come with a sincere heart to enjoy the natural beauty created by the almighty.

Before climbing, ask permission first to the corner of the local key to be given directions that can be passed to climb. Prepare supplies and luggage to ward off the cold night wind. Read the prayer and keep physically so that things don’t happen that you don’t want.

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